So I’ve completed a one month blogging challenge. It has been great doing it with Maggie, who had the idea and Angela, who decided to join. If I’m being honest, they have done much better, not missing a single day, while I’ve been late several times and have kept some posts super short and simple. It was kind of difficult to do it along with my daily posts, and having a scheduled date to post something and a set theme. My posts are usually all over the place and not organized at all so, this was different. But I did like it very much, it made me write about topics I may not have explored otherwise and it was great so you guys could get to know me better.

To finish, I need to write about the two last prompts, which I decided to join in one post because they’re related and I don’t have much to say about them.

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I don’t have much time to post and even less to follow the way I want to but I love the idea. Unless you tell me I need to have a theme because I will answer with “no way, I’ll post whatever I want”.  I also like YouTube, maybe even more than Instagram. Does it count as social media? No idea.

You can find me and follow me here:







And that’s it, my people. Thank you for following along.