Good evening friends,

I’m kind of sad and a bit surprised about something. Someone has stopped reading my blog because of my cursing. I didn’t think it was that bad.

Remember my survey from a few days ago? When I asked “Do you think I curse too much? Should I use less explicit language and topics?” someone answered:

“Yes, please. I actually stopped reading your posts because of the language and words. I don’t want to read those words and don’t enjoy seeing them.”

Well, I guess I asked, right?

I didn’t realize I was offending someone. That is never my intention. I write spontaneously as if I was talking. Do you want me to lie to you and pretend like I’m such a lady who doesn’t say any bad words in real life? That’s not me. I’m imperfect. I’m just a human being. I’m no lady, I’m even a sinner. But I’m honest, you see the real me and I don’t lie to my readers or sugarcoat things at all. I think everyone is entitled to stop reading if the content is offensive in any way but I would just like someone to be honest and tell me openly that they don’t like it, instead of using an anonymous survey. I would never do that to someone. I surely didn’t like to know something like this through a survey. Maybe, if they had said “yes, it’s a bit too much” I would be fine, but to know they have stopped reading? It makes me a little sad. What if more people feel the same? I ask all of you, please tell me. Are you bothered by my use of words such as “fuck”, “shit”, “bitch”, etc? Are going to stop reading anytime soon because of it? Do you think I talk about my private life too much? I mean, I do talk about epilation and gynaecologist appointments and whatever, but it’s my life. What can I do?

Anyway, I’m not sure I should change my ways because of a reader. Maybe not even because of 20 readers, if that were the case. This is my blog. Should I contain myself while writing on my personal blog? I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m sorry about the rant guys, you know I just talk about anything and everything.

Now, onto my to-do list: (Don’t expect anything too great)

  • I’m going to focus on the kitchen. I haven’t washed any dishes since about Thursday or Friday, so everything is a huge mess. So, in the kitchen I should:
    1. Wash the enormous pile of dishes; – Done;
    2. Clean the microwave, wash the microwave plate; – Nope;
    3. See what has spoiled in the fridge (and then slap me on the face because my goal for 2017 is not to waste food), clean the shelves, above the fridge, behind and under; – Took out a few spoiled foods (shame on me) but didn’t clean the fridge at all;
    4. Clean the shelves and everything that is on them because it gets dust; – Nope;
    5. Clean the coffee machines; – Nope;
    6. See if my bunch of watercress is still possible to save and make a soup; – Watercress = dead (super shame on me)
    7. Take out the trash; – Rui did;
    8. Clean the table; – Half done;
    9. Clean the counters; – Nope;
    10. Vacuum and mop the floor; – Nope;
    11. Make some jello; – Nope;
    12. Cook dinner; – Done;
    13. Maybe bake some cupcakes? I have a new decorating kit!! – Nope;
  • Second point of focus in laundry. It was raining so I’m a bit behind but today the weather is good; – Washed 3 loads, one is dry, two are drying;
  • I should also change my sheets; – Will do before bed. It takes 5 minutes;
  • I would like to plant some flower seeds and do some gardening but I’m not sure I’ll have the time because Rui is coming home at 4.30 and we’re going grocery shopping and to a gardening store because I want some more seeds and some rubber gardening gloves (better safe than sorry, right?); – Didn’t have time to do any gardening but found a cute pair of gloves, some garden scissors, 2 plants that need saving and a few more seeds.
Seeds: Summer flowers mix, Colorful flower mix, Deep pink carnations, Violets, Common Yarrow.
  • When it comes to blogging, today you can expect “The Perfect Party blogging series”, featuring Elsie.  (Done). It should have been up by noon but I didn’t have time to prepare it yesterday. I’m usually so organized and like to plan things ahead but, apparently, when it comes to blogging, I’m a bit more spontaneous and do things on the day they’re being published or the day before (very rare). So I’m sorry, but I’m going to publish it later.You can also expect my challenge posts from yesterday and today, which are the final ones! The month is over. (Will be publishing soon).

Now, about my Giveaway. There are only 5 hours left until it’s closed and I announce the winner. Here’s the link if you want to try your luck: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember I’m offering a purchase from a store of your choice, up to 25€!!

About my “Perfect Party Series”, I want to give you the dates for each person I will be featuring. Not all of them have emailed me yet, so I’ll tell you about the ones that already have a set date, in the order I’ve received the emails:

Tomorrow: Hannah

Thursday: Dippy-Dotty Girl

Friday: Angela

Monday, June 5: Ella

Tuesday, June 6: Janey

Wednesday, June 7: Lee

Thursday, June 8: Wonderwall (The super winner) (You’ve told me your name in your description, can I say your first name?)

Friday, June 9: Cherylene

Monday, June 12: Anni

Tuesday, June 13: Amelia

Wednesday, June 14: Friederike

Thursday, June 15: Nina

Friday, June 16: Thegeckoonline

Monday, June 19: Adila

Tuesday, June 20: Gracie

Wednesday, June 21: Life as easy as


Still waiting for a few people to email me!

That’s it for now.