Shit magnet

So, I had just finished my usual oatmeal, had a major allergic reaction where my face, neck, arms, back, started to get extremely hot and red and full of little red spots, had to call an ambulance and come to the fucking hospital. Every shit that can happen, happens to me. Fucking Murphy came up with that law just for me. Now I’m waiting, might be a while. At least I have time to catch up on your posts.

I’m a shit magnet.


37 thoughts on “Shit magnet

      • It’s always best to know what caused it 🙂 it annoys me because although my flatmates at uni know I’m allergic to nuts they’re very careless and leave Nutella and peanut butter covered knifes on the draining board (which is supposed to be for clean stuff anyway). I often get hives and take tablets to be on the safe side! It’s more scary when I’m here as no one would know what to do 😞


  1. Sorry to hear that. I’m glad you were well enough to call for help. Better safe than sorry. Quick thinking. Hope you get to the bottom of this soon so you can go home.


  2. Oh, no!! 😦 That’s terrible. Aw, I’m so sorry you’re going through that right now. Hopefully they’ll sort it all out for you there soon. ❤ Also, on a random side note: I'm totally using the term "shit magnet" next time I have a bad luck streak. 😛 Take care and hopefully you aren't stuck at the hospital too long.


  3. I’m so sorry about your reaction! My brother has extreme allergies to pretty much everything so I know how it goes 😦 I hope you get better soon!!!


  4. oh no! I apparently had a first-time allergic reaction to bell peppers the other day. Had them uncooked in a salad and an hour later my stomach was twisting and was in pain. Had the same thing the next day and the same thing happened. SMH at food allergies!


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