Hey guys,

You all know that my day was nothing like I was expecting. I was planning on blogging and cleaning my question. Instead, I ended up going to the hospital because of an allergic reaction. I had to wait 5 hours before being seen by a doctor. The redness was gone about after an hour, so I looked okay and was fine when I got to the hospital. 5 hours later, when the doctor finally saw me, he said it was an allergic reaction that had reversed on its own. He gave me some meds just to prevent something but I still have no idea what caused it, they just don’t do that kind of exam. I’m a little mad that I was there for such a long time and came home not knowing what really happened. I just ate what I eat every day. Well, let’s see, I guess. Nothing else I can do. I’ll have to take an allergy test somewhere but it’ll be a while until they can fit me for in an appointment.

So, I’m home now, and tired. I had taken a bunch of photos of my plants, garden and outside of my house to show you but I’ll show you tomorrow.

Thank you for your kind comments and well wishes.