Health for days journey – May 25th

Good afternoon my people!!

Are you happy it’s almost Friday and therefore almost the weekend? I bet you are.

Remember the seeds that I planted a few days ago? They have sprouted and I can see tiny little plants growing. I’m really happy about it. It’s amazing when you take care of something and they grow and thrive. This is actually what I think when I look at my dog. It amazes me I was able to keep her alive and happy since she was 2 months old. We taught her to go the bathroom in the same spot first, Rui taught her to do it outside, we taught her not to bite our hands, to sit when told, to sit before getting a treat, to stop something if you say no, to know she has been bad, to kiss us when asked. It’s amazing isn’t it? It’s been almost two years and I just love her so much. I remember when she was a little puppy I would bathe her and then wrap her in a towel and she would fall asleep in my arms. Of course I’m unable to do that now, she is big and stronger than me and cannot be still after her bath. I also miss being able to grab her with just one hand and hold her. I can pick her up and hold her now, but she doesn’t let me do it for long. It’s amazing what a few tiny plants can’t bring to your mind, isn’t it?

My sleep has been extremely bad again. I go through phases, I guess. I haven’t been sleeping well since my in-laws were here, more or less. It takes me a long time to fall asleep and sometimes I can’t do it with just my regular medication and I have to take extra and then sleep until 2 p.m. I’m not particularly stressed out or anything so I have no explanation for this. I have a bunch of ideas and plans going through my mind but I don’t think they are preventing me from sleep. And then I have the same bad dreams and it sucks because they make me sad and nervous. Anyway, I’m up now so let’s get going and do some productive.

Today I should:

  • Do some gardening. I’m making this my priority for today;
  • Drink, at least, 1,5 l of water. (Absolutely mandatory)
  • Take my supplements. Which is basically a multivitamin. (I’ve just taken it)
  • Keep taking care of laundry. It’s gonna rain tomorrow so I want to be done with everything today.
  • Do my 20-minute yoga. (You better do this, bitch)
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Quick clean the bathroom.
  • Plan my schedule for June.
  • Announce the winners of my blog party.
  • Read blogs. I’ve decided that besides reading what’s in my reader every day, I will choose two blogs to really dig into each day and two new follower blogs to take a look.
  • Answer comments.
  • Catch up on my challenge posts.
  • Meal plan.
  • Do my green clay mask.
  • Talk to a few students.
  • Make my bed.

I’m also trying to stay away from shitty foods today. The fact that I’ve finished all of my coke and ice cream yesterday might help with that. I’m tempted to bake chocolate cupcakes because I want to try a recipe but I think I’ll pass on it.

I’m counting gardening as a workout today, friends. Try and stop me.

P.S. Some people were very worried that I shooed a snake yesterday and was able to make her go away. I’m no badass, she was long but quite thin and small. Also, there are only two types (kinds? species?) of poisonous snakes in Portugal and they’re extremely rare so even if she had bit me or something I would be fine. I was also freaking out a little so I’m not as brave as you think.

P.S.S. You may wonder how I get stuff done and still blog during the day and it’s pretty simple. I alternate. I clean the kitchen for an hour and then come and check on the blog. I make and have dinner and come back for my update, for example.

See you soon buddies!!





23 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 25th

  1. Hope you have a nice day. I like plants too. It is so satisfying when seeing them grow. I am scared of bees so I just plant something won’t have flowers.
    I think if you do yoga, maybe do it before sleep? So you get relaxed and calm down well before sleep. It may help your sleep.

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    • I do, actually. Yoga, then warm shower. Not helping much. I’ll try something new today. I’ll take my pills earlier and watch a movie until I do feel really sleepy, instead of going to bed and tossing and turning.

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      • How about getting those relaxing scent oil or something similar? For me, I make sure my pillows and bed are soft and in place. I spray some of my favorite perfume (make sure not too strong).
        I hope you can sleep well without taking pills.


  2. Wayhey, good news about the plants! Shame about the sleep, I can empathise there. Not been getting more than 2.5hrs each night for quite some time now, it gets painful. I hope you get some decent rest soon. Happy Friday! x

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  3. Ahahaha sneaky you! Did the some people include me or were there others too? If you try listening to music with your headphones on in bed, it sometimes helps to nod off. Not getting enough sleep sucks. Congratulations on the baby leaves. I think they look so cute and life affirming. Life blooming away in your yard. It is a wonderful thought that. Rosa is a teenager and probably needs space to contemplate love and heartache. She is actually 14 in human years if you think of it 😛

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  4. Awww it’s so cute your memory of Rosa. I also remember watching plant grow that we planted in school, it was pretty cool we got to take it home as a Mother’s Day gift. I’ve been having trouble sleeping always! I actually have a post coming on the subject soon.
    I’m gonna try taking hour breaks to do things on my list and back to blogging, thanks✨


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