Health for days journey – May 25th (update)

Hello again,

How was your day?

Mine was actually productive and that makes me happy.

Let’s go straight to the point and check my to-do list:

  • Do some gardening. I’m making this my priority for today;  Done. I worked on some gardening for about 2 hours and was able to accomplish a lot. Cleaned all of the plants of their dry leaves and branches, cleaned the flower beds of the pine needles that fall from our Pine tree. Transferred some plants, watered the whole garden, picked up Rosa’s poo and washed the place where she always poops with bleach;
  • Drink, at least, 1,5 l of water. (Absolutely mandatory) Done;
  • Take my supplements. Which is basically a multivitamin. (I’ve just taken it)
  • Keep taking care of laundry. It’s gonna rain tomorrow so I want to be done with everything today. – It looked like it was going to rain the whole time so I didn’t do any laundry nor did I fold and put away the dry one.
  • Do my 20-minute yoga. (You better do this, bitch) – Will get to it after this post;
  • Clean the kitchen. – Cleaned about a third;
  • Quick clean the bathroom. – Done;
  • Plan my schedule for June. – Nope, I’m waiting for some student’s answers to see if I have work for June (at home) and what will be the schedule. Tomorrow I might get that organized;
  • Announce the winners of my blog party. – Done;
  • Read blogs. I’ve decided that besides reading what’s in my reader every day, I will choose two blogs to really dig into each day and two new follower blogs to take a look. – Just a few, not as many as I would like. Might still do it today;
  • Answer comments. – I have;
  • Catch up on my challenge posts. – Oops. Not done. Might get to them today after I shower?
  • Meal plan. – Done and published;
  • Do my green clay mask. – While have it on while doing my yoga and take a shower after;
  • Talk to a few students. – Did, but not all of them;
  • Make my bed. – Done;

P.S. You might still have to bear with me today if I decide to come back to write my challenge posts, which are pretty late. We’ll see.



Shit, I forgot the rest of the fucking post. Tomorrow, then.



14 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 25th (update)

  1. I can’t wait to wash clothes and towels tomorrow! We haven’t been able to in 2 weeks so this is the only time I’m excited to do laundry lol. I definitely need to start taking my vitamins again if I’m not going to be consistent with my healthy eating habits. I’m trying my best.


  2. The weather for this weekend seems to be crappy in Wellington, so I’m going to have to dry laundry inside which takes forever. But go you! You’re on a roll with getting stuff to done. Also it looks like my comments are actually appearing 😀


  3. Very productive! “Shit, I forgot the rest of the fucking post. Tomorrow, then.” I thought this was so funny. After doing all that you deserve a break lol. Tomorrow is another day. 🙂

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