I’m inspired by:

  • Moms. Every type of mom. Moms can be warriors and do it all and be strong and brave and do so much. I follow 2 Youtubers who are moms and they are such an inspiration to me. One of them is a mom of 8, ages between 14 and 8 months, she homeschools, does everything from scratch, takes care of her house, does some farming tasks, does Youtube, has a blog and has several side businesses. The other is currently pregnant with her 8th child, she homeschools and works from home, taking care of many businesses while her husband finishes school. She also cooks everything from scratch, blogs and does Youtube, takes care of her chidren and husband and pets, all while being the breadwinner. I want to be just like these women someday.



Check them out if you’re curious!

  • People who are really good at sports. Do you know the kind? They play tennis and ride horses and run and do yoga and swim and are really amazing at anything sporty. It’s the opposite of who I am but I really admire such people. Do you know those ladies who are in their eighties and still do gymnastics? Yap. Goals.


  • People who go back to school after a certain age to follow their dreams. They really inspire me. It takes stregth to study and work and it’s not easy to go back to school after a certain age. But some people go and finish and just do so well. It’s inspiring for sure.


  • Those who have always been straight A students. They have been consistent all through school and college, they have a Master’s and a PhD and have always been the best in class, studying hard and working their butts off.


  • People who come from nothing or from a difficult childhood or family situation and just work their way up. Self-made people. Those who can work while having everything against them.


In general, I think that I am inspired by strong people, that can overcome things. I look up to smart, intellectual people and those who can be super productive and organized. I also like those who are able to be involved in many different things at the same time and still be successful.