One Thousand – Mil – Mille – Tausend – 1000 – OMG



What can I say that will be enough to thank you all?

What can I say that will show you how happy I am?

1000 x Thank you!!



97 thoughts on “One Thousand – Mil – Mille – Tausend – 1000 – OMG

  1. Congratulations!! 😄This is such an amazing accomplishment! you should be so proud of yourself as we all are of you! Hope you have a lovely day and do something to celebrate as you deserve it 😊🎉💗

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    • I have no idea. Honestly. People just keep coming. I never thought I would even get 100, let alone 1000. In less than 4 months. I will write a post saying what I think it might help but to be really honest, I have no idea. Thank you so much, Bea. You are the inspiration ❤

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  2. Congratulations! That’s a huge milestone and it happened very quickly! You’ve definitely put in all the hard work to deserve it! Xx


    • Almost 4 months. I started on January 24. Thank you, dear May! I am happy and surprised. I never thought I would even be able to keep writing, let alone get actual followers. 1000 is a dream!

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  3. AHHHHHH!!!! Congrats!!!! You are so so so amazing and there is reason you have come so far so quickly with blogging. You are a beautiful person inside and out Cheila and you are the perfect example of someone at the forefront of the positive blogging community 🙂 I am so happy for you my darling! xxxx

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