Health for days journey – May 17th (hands of a worker edition)

Hey guys!!

As you can see by the time, I’ve totally failed at waking up early today. I slept for 12 freaking hours. I blame gardening!


I also blame gardening for the fact that my hands are a little swollen, itchy, full of scratches and little cuts. I also need to blame cleaning with bleach without gloves (I never wear gloves for anything, this is something Rui and I have in common, we both hate to wear gloves to do any kind of work. The only time I wear gloves is one I’m dyeing hair, and yes, I have done that for several family members) and a certain bitchy dog who bit me three times last night, leaving a few marks.

Wuuut? me?

Oh, I need to apologize for the fact that I haven’t posted my challenge prompt yesterday, for a simple I reason. I share a daily to-do list with you guys every day, so for the challenge (the prompt is “on my to-do list”) I want to share my general to-do list, things I need to get done in the next couple of weeks or months. Maybe I can post it today and you can forgive me for my lateness?

Tonight my sister and her friend from college are coming to stay with us. I need to make dinner and get the living room ready because the girls will be sleeping there (how I miss having an extra room). Tomorrow they are spending the day here with my while Rui goes to work, then we’ll have dinner and go to that “Semana Académica” thing, which some kind of festival for college kids. They both want to go and both my parents’ and the girl’s parents prefer if they have the company of older (still super young and cool) kids. So Rui and I are taking them.

This is my list for today:

  • Figure out what to cook for dinner. Maybe get some roast chicken from the supermarket, with chips and some rice? Or maybe I’ll cook something from scratch. Maybe some meat or fish, in the oven. I’ll think about it. Make some kind of desert. I’ll probably go with instant vanilla pudding, since I don’t have much time.
  • Clean the kitchen table, since foreign objects always end up there.
  • Put away the dry dishes.
  • Wash dishes from last night.
  • Tell Rui to pick up some fresh bread and cheese and ham for the girls’ breakfast and maybe some soda (not for breakfast) or juice as well.
  • Make a list of what to buy for the meals we will have while parents-in-law are here.
  • Clean the living room. Dust, vacuum, relieve the couch and pillows of dog hair, mop floor, relieve the table of foreign objects that belong elsewhere.
  • Clean our room. Make bed, dust, vacuum, and pick up things and take them to where they belong.
  • Quick bathroom cleanup. I always do a big clean and then just do little ones throughout the week, which include cleaning the toilet, changing towels, cleaning floor.
  • Organize the girls’ sleeping arrangements and provide a set of towels each.
  • Read some blogs.

As I was writing this I heard a loud noise in the bedroom. Got there and the window had flown open and my beautiful mirror fell on the floor and broke. Rui says we’ll buy a new one but I’m sad that it broke!

Not my baby, just my expression!

Love you, my friends!!



22 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 17th (hands of a worker edition)

  1. I love lists as well. I just feel organized and ready to tackle the day when I make a list. I usually do mine before I go to bed so that all my random tasks don’t float around in my head all night long! Good luck with getting things done!


  2. I don’t know what it is, but my kitchen table, is always covered with junk, too! My husband’s uniform and mail and just random stuff gets dumped there every day. It seems like I’m always cleaning it off!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh boy, we have a specific place to place wallets and keys and mail and whatever, but things always end up there. Anything new we buy, kitchen table.


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