Good evening friends,

So today you got 4 posts. I’m sorry if that’s too much for you. I had a lot to say, I guess.

I’ll try to make this one short.

Let’s go straight to my to-do list:

  • Water my desk and bathroom plants. I mean my desk plants, not the desk itself, I’m not sure I made that clear. Again… water the plants that I have on my desk and the plant that I have on my bathroom. Better? Thought so. – Watered the plans;
  • Put away the huge pile of laundry that I have (finally) folded. Some of it has been sitting on my bedroom rug (I have no shame, do I?) since before Easter; – Clothes are put away!!
  • Put away the dishes that I washed a couple of days ago and that are definitely dry. Wash the dirty ones. There aren’t many, so it must be quick; – Done and done;
  • Vacuum the living room floor. Either that or convince Mr. R to do it. I hate vacuuming. Give me a room full or laundry or dishes or 30 rooms to dust but 1 small room to vacuum and I lose my shit; – Didn’t get to this one;
  • Wash all the floors with bleach. Yes, I like to do that once in a while. I get a mop and a bucket and I use bleach instead of floor cleaner. – Didn’t do this either;
  • Make my bed; I have changed the sheets yesterday but I have yet to make it today; I should do it immediately after I wake up, I know. But what if I want to go back? Okay… – Bed was made. 
  • Answer a few emails and texts and I’m not used to do this anymore. When I had my business I had texts and emails and Facebook messenger and Whatsapp booming all day long. Maybe that’s why I’m crazy. – Didn’t do it;
  • Pack Rui’s bag for his little trip. No, he’s not dumb or useless and he’s perfectly capable of packing for himself but I like to do it for him. I always know where things are. I think it’s better to pack already instead of waiting for him to do it while asking me “have you seen x?”, “have you seen y”. What is up with men? It’s like they don’t even live at home. We always know where our shit is (and theirs). – Not yet. I’ll do it tomorrow before he goes;
  • Keep gathering the materials for my studying sessions; – Nope;
  • Go and pick up some lemons from the tree! – Didn’t;


Food and water:

  • Breakfast/lunch: My usual oatmeal plus a cup of Melissa and lavender tea;
  • Snack: A small apple and another cup of tea;
  • Dinner: Two small plates of whole wheat pasta with chickpeas, olives, mushrooms and sweet corn. A glass of fruit juice;
  • So, to drink I had: 2 glasses of water, 2 cups of tea, one cup of fruit juice, one cup of coffee with milk;

I still have almost no appetite. I had to force myself to eat an apple as a snack. I was feeling hungry but nothing sounded good. Dinner was actually delicious, so I ate a little bit more. I need to get better about my eating and drinking. I’m eating too little right now. I need more meals and more nutrients.


I’m grateful for:

  • Inspiration to write;
  • Great reactions to posts from my lovely readers;
  • A yummy dinner;
  • Getting a few things done, especially laundry and dishes;
  • A well-behaved dog (seriously, she was so nice and quiet today, I think she could sense mom had a huge headache);


To finish, I need to tell you that today I reached 200 posts!!


Who knew I could write so much? I had no idea.

See you tomorrow! I hope you have an amazing weekend!