Happy hump day!!

Half way through the week, almost half way through the year…

I don’t know where the fuck we are going but we’re going pretty fast!! (Pardon my French, but I am no lady. I’m like Demelza!!)

I’M NOT following my beautiful and very organized schedule yet, because I’m in the process of gathering materials and I also need to get this household back on track before I can do anything else. The redecoration really made a mess, I mean, we made a mess, mostly me, and I need to get things organized before I get into a studying, eating, cleaning routine.

I’ve realized I need to make a few changes!!

  1. I’m a really messy cook. I need to start washing things as I go and never leave dirty dishes in the sink for the next day, otherwise I spend hours washing up every few days!! I can also control the number of utensils I use;
  2. I should also use less kitchen towels. I keep changing them and then having to wash way too many.
  3. Same with my clothes. I wear pajamas, I don’t change and do chores while wearing pajamas, and then they obviously have to go to the wash, as I can’t sleep in dirty pajamas. Then I end up wearing a different pair every night, when I could wear the same pj’s for 3 or 4 nights in a row.

I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones that come to mind right now.

I’ve lost weight, having no idea why because after Easter and Rui being on vacation I’ve been eating like crap.

Yesterday I had no appetite and the same goes for today. My lunch has been sitting near me for almost 30 minutes, and I have taken 1 bite only. I only feel like drinking water. But, since I take strong medication, I need to force myself to eat something!

My task list for today is the following:

  • Read blogs and comment and be up to date on the ones that I follow;
  • Make a list of all the Awards I need to post;
  • Unfollow people who never interact with me or haven’t posted in many months, or the ones I always read and comment but don’t do the same for me. I feel bad about this but I spend way too many time reading blogs and people don’t even seem to care that I follow them, so I will only follow the ones I like, the ones that interact with others and myself;
  • Fold and put away a HUGE load of laundry;
  • Dry and put away the ton of dishes that I washed yesterday and wash the dirty ones from dinner. Story of my life is laundry and dishes, rinse and repeat!
  • Clean the kitchen and the living room, at least;
  • Take pictures and show you my new dressing table;
  • Wash a few blankets and duvet and pillows;
  • Interact on social media (I always forget to do this. People like whatever I post and I forget to return the attention. This bothers me way too much!! It’s just hard to keep track of everything, you know?)

I guess that’s it for today!

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and the weather is hot. Perfect for drying laundry outside. Yes, I’m an old woman at heart.

See you guys later?