I decided to join Maggie for this challenge! It’s something she found on Pinterest but can’t trace back to the source, so unfortunately, we can’t really give credit.

If you don’t know Maggie, you’re missing out. Go over to her blog and check her posts, and this new challenge she is doing!

I’m late for this, as I should have started on the 1st of May. Better late than never, am I right?

So the first day should be an Introduction!! This is my introduction!! I’m doing this monthly challenge all through May, along with Maggie. 

On the second day, May 2nd, you are supposed to give 10 facts about yourself:

10 facts about myself:

I have given facts about myself in many Awards and Tag posts, so what you are getting here is pretty random and not introductory at all, since you can find the basics (and more) on my blog.

  1. I don’t really like coffee without meal. I drink espresso without milk but I don’t really love the taste. It’s more of a habit. On the other hand, don’t even try to make me drink tea with milk. No way!
  2. I cry when I pray or when I see someone praying. Going to mess makes me feel like crying as well. Maybe because I feel vulnerable and close to God?
  3. I’ve been known to buy things and not use them as much as I though I would. Hello adult coloring book!!
  4. Growing up, I used to hate both my name and middle name, because they were extremely uncommon and kids would make fun of me. Now I love both. It just took me 20 something years!
  5. I was raised by a single mother (an amazing one) and I haven’t had a relationship with my father since I was about 2 years old.
  6. Family pictures make me said, instead of happy. I miss those who are no longer with us and times that have passed and I can not relive.
  7. I’m not sure I want a religious wedding. There are many things I cannot agree and pledge to when it comes to the church.
  8. I could drink coca-cola every day, with every meal, without any meal, etc. I know it’s poison but I love it.
  9. I’ve never tried anything other than a Big Mac at McDonald’s. No other sandwiches.
  10. I’m very clumsy and keep bumping into things. All the time. I always have some bruises or scratches to show off.

3rd (May 3rd) should be about my personality and values:

What can I tell you about my personality?

I think I am kind, creative, entrepreneurial, productive and smart. I love to learn and to do different things and to organize and produce… whatever comes my way!

I’m also extremely insecure, pessimistic, stubborn and anxious. Those are just a few of my flaws. I could give you a longer list, but those are the ones that I hate more and would love to be able to change, if I could.

My values:

I love people. Every kind of people. I hate racists, xenophobia, homophobic people, the whole idiot lot. I hate everyone who thinks they’re above someone else. I think people are all equal but different and special. I don’t care about your color, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, job, political preference, taste… As long as you are a good, kind-hearted person, we can be friends. I also love to help people, to do things for them, to take care, to make them feel better.

So, the first 3 days are here, in this post. Tomorrow I will do a separate post for day and prompt 4, as I will do every day of the month.

Would you like to join Maggie and I in this challenge? You still have time. We would love to have some company!! I’m really glad she showed me this challenge so we can do it together.

I hope you like this post!! x

*Maggie, I’m using the same picture you’re using for this challenge. This photo is not mine, it’s stolen from Maggie’s blog!!