Saturday – Sister is visiting and Yves Rocher haul edition

Good evening friends,

I hope you had/are having an amazing Saturday!

I’m feeling better, thank God!

Today we went to visit my mom and pick up my sister so she stay with us until Monday. I’m really happy to have her here because I don’t get to see her as often as before, when I moved closer. We go to the same university but I don’t attend classes, so that’s not an option anymore. Last semester we used to have lunch or coffee often. Went shared rooms and things most of our lives and we are pretty close, so I always miss her. She’s my baby and I love her more than anything. So today, I have her all to myself, and Rosa lol She just loves her auntie Neide (pronounced Nayd) and gets so excited when she’s here.

I picked up some things that my mother got for me from Yves Rocher. If you don’t leave in Europe, it’s possible that you don’t know this brand. It’s a French brand and, in Portugal, you can only buy things through a catalog. It’s similar to Avon, but focusing natural products. Not entirely natural, unfortunately, but focused on using as much of nature in their formulas as possible. I always buy this brand, I love it and some things are quite inexpensive. I also get a 30% discount because I’m registered as a representative, although I don’t actually sell anything. My mother and sister use many products by this brand and so my mother, when she makes an order, always asks me what I need and then doesn’t let me pay for it. She’s so awesome. I needed a few things this time, and I though I would show you what I got. Is this interesting? Are you interested on a post about my beauty routines? Tell me and I’ll deliver.

So, this is what I got:


This is an intense hydrating mask, that I like to use about once or twice a week. It’s the best mask that I have found, in terms of leaving my skin hydrated and moisturized. I have seen and tried plenty of purifying and cleansing but never a good moisturizing one. I usually put it on while showering and washing my hair, because it needs to stay on for 15 minutes and I like to multitask. The price is 8,90€ for a tube of 75 ml (2.5 fl. oz.) which I think is quite cheap for such a good product. I get the 30% discount, so I actually pay 6,23€. It lasts me a few months as you don’t need to use a big amount each time. I just love it and always buy it.


This product is actually a new purchase, and I have never tried it before. I used to have an oil for my ends but I didn’t like it that much so I looked for another product and thought this one might be a better option for me. My hair is quite dry in general so I get dry ends very often, although I try to trim them (I cut my own hair) every two months or so. This is a repair balm for dry ends and I hope it will help in making my ends stay soft and healthy for a longer period. I will try it out soon and see if it works and if I like it. I love that it’s paraben and silicone free. It costs 5,95€ for 50 ml of product which is think is not that much but we’ll see, depending on the amount you need to use each time. Final price for me was 4,16€, so incredibly cheap.


This is my face cream, that I always use. This is the brand’s sensitive skin line and that makes it perfect for my sensitive, dry, skin and my problems with rosacea. I also use this lines eye cream and micelar water and I love both. The cream is also very good, extremely moisturizing and I love that it is SPF 20. I’m not sure it helps with redness (which they claim it does), but I use a green primer to deal with that issue so I don’t expect this to do so. It’s thick but fluid at the same time and you only need a small amount for your whole face. You pay 11,90€ for a 50 ml tube, which is okay with me. Plus my 30% discount I pay only 8,05€.

29112_30 (1)

This one is a very nice and fresh eau de toilette. It smells of roses and I just love it. I think it’s perfect for Spring. They have a few different options such as purple lilac, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, green tea and verbena leaves. I think I want to collect them all and at 14,90€ (plus discount – 10,43€) for 100 ml, I just might.


I’ve been looking for a new, good foundation for some time. I’m on trial mode with this one, so far I have only tried it on my hand and I love the texture. Tomorrow I’ll try it on my face and see how it looks. It needs to have enough pigmentation to cover my redness, which my green correction primer doesn’t cover completely. They refer to it as “zero flaws” so I hope it can help in hiding my redness which is my only issue, since I don’t get blemishes at all. I’ll try it and get back to you, if you’re interested in knowing how I like it. The price is 9,80€, so very cheap when you add the discount (6,86€) and since it will probably last a long time. I hope it’s the one for me.

27619 (1)

Finally, I have bought a body moisturizer. I absolutely love their body creams. They smell amazing and they have a few different scents and combinations. I chose lavender-blackberry this time and it’s heaven!! They’re super fluid, which means they are easy to apply and they dry super fast as well. They leave you with super soft skin and smelling beautifully. I always go back to their line of body lotions and they are definitely my favorite! The price for 390 ml was 4,49€ as they were having a sale and I got it with a 40% discount, adding to my 30%, which means I paid 3,84€. Quite the bargain, huh?

So this is my Yves Rocher haul, guys.

I need to thank my lovely mother for paying for it, she’s the best.

Do you know this brand?

Do you have this brand where you live?

Would you buy these products?

Tell me in the comment sections!!

See you soon!!

Love and hugs.



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