Tiny bathroom tour – Get ready for more pink!

Now it’s time for my bathroom tour.

I actually hate it because it is extremely tiny and I was used to bigger bathrooms before I moved to this house. I can overcome the fact that we only have one, but it bothers me how small it is. We can barely fit in there to brush our teeth at the same time, so we usually have to take turns. The shower is quite big (you couldn’t see it behind the curtain because I didn’t clean it, haha), it has doors, which you can’t see behind the curtain and a window! I love it because it’s bigger than the one we had in our previous home and the water pressure is great!

I try to keep the bathroom nice and clean so I can hate it less. I’m pleased with how it turned out after the redecoration (it was decorated in an orange theme before, which I hated) so It might start growing on me. I still need a toilet paper holder, a towel rack and to hang 3 picture frames we are using to decorate the wall. I also love my turquoise seat!

Let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

Pink toothbrush holder and soap dispenser!
Lots of toilet paper, so no one runs out! And we usually have bidets in Portugal. Are they common in your country?
Close look at the shelves and the bidet lolΒ 
Shelf again! I swear I have more towels lol they are either dirty or drying!
Brown towel hooks, as brown is one of the colors of the curtain! (Baby wipes, always at hand)
Have you had enough of the bidet? lol
The look from the door
My cute toilet and pink (it looks red in the picture) trash bin
Just the sink!
The mirror and sink, from the door (blurred as always)
Little corner
From the door, once again
Take a good look at my toilet! haha
The mirror, seen from the trash bin corner
Shelves again, don’t know why!

I’m so sorry I take shitty, unedited pictures. The lighting was not the best either, despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house with the best lighting. It’s evening and the sun is setting but during the day it’s really bright!

We loved the pattern of the curtain and decided to get accessories in such colors. Pink, turquoise, blue and brown!

What do you think of my little tiny bathroom?

Do you have a big one or are you as unlucky as I am in the bathroom department?



38 thoughts on “Tiny bathroom tour – Get ready for more pink!

  1. I have a small bathroom, not a tiny one. But I still prefer big bathrooms. I have never seen a bidet in person. It’s not common at all in NZ, maybe it’s a European thing? I love the little towel hooks!

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    • Oh a bidet is a necessity for me!! It might be a European thing. It’s great for washing your privates after certain bodily functions, when you have your period and need to freshen up (#queenofTMI) and to wash clothes by hand, like bras and little things.

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  2. Lovely bathroom, Chelia! At the two houses I’ve lived in in my life (not counting the two homes I can’t remember), my family and I were blessed with tiny bathrooms. Haha! We’re usually able to make do with the ridiculously-small amount of space, but I still feel like I’m always running into the sink’s counter if I dare to turn around, lol. I love the shower curtain you chose, and the little accents of pink throughout the room are so nice! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you, Maggie. The curtain was what inspired the rest πŸ™‚ Yes, this one is so tiny that I can actually sit on the toilet while washing my hands or brush my teeth.


  3. Cute bathroom! I like the color scheme you guys went with. πŸ™‚ My bathroom is midnight blue with white trim and has a cast iron bathtub I love to fill with really hot water and relax in. I’ve even fallen asleep in it before while soaking when I wasn’t feeling well. lol It’s just so relaxing! πŸ˜›
    Bidets really aren’t a thing here in the U.S. for the most part. I’ve never actually seen one in real life before, so I’ll admit I thought the one in your photo was a very short sink at first when I saw it. lol

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  4. This is my first time seeing a bidet πŸ˜‚
    The shower curtain is so pretty and goes really nice with the toilet seat lol, and again you always have nice shelving lol they all look so spacious. My bathroom is pretty small, never had a big one but it would be nice. Maybe one dayπŸ™‚

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    • A bidet is so useful girl!! The bathroom is not spacious at all, I’ve had bigger, nicer bathrooms. And I don’t have a tub, which is something I really miss!


  5. SO CUTE!! I love your decor and how you have maximized your space! You weren’t kidding saying it is small. You could sit on the toilet and wash your hands at the same time! I had a TINY bathroom once and my ex couldn’t even fit his legs out in front of him when sitting on the toilet!! He had to spread his legs to sit! LOL!

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  6. It looks amazing!!!! I have a friend that had an idea of putting in a bluetooth when the lights went on so music would start playing lol! Love this post!

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