Hey guys!!

How are you?

I’m so sorry I haven’t come up with the room tours again, but we are a little behind!

After my last post, we went out again, looking for a toilet paper holder and a towel rack. We went to a few stores but didn’t find anything that we liked for the price we wanted to pay. We didn’t come out of those stores empty-handed haha. We joke that we went there to buy something for the bathroom and came out with a few things for the living room and the kitchen hahaha. We bought a chalk board for the kitchen, some colorful chalk and a cute sign to hang as well. In a different store, bought some cushions for the couch and a big painting to hang in the living room. The room will look much nicer and put together once we’re done. I think you guys will be getting a whole house tour because things will be looking nicer than we expected in every room lol

You’ll just have to wait a little, especially because I just woke up sick today hahaha. Why is it funny? Because Rui and I are like alternating being sick. I was sick with sinusitis, then we got super sick with sinusitis and today that he is finally feeling well, I woke up with something that I can’t identify yet! A cold? Some allergies? Sinusitis again? No idea. My throat hurts, I’m super congested and sneezing/dripping all the time.

We want to be done in a couple of hours, so I better get back to cleaning and organizing!

I’m also behind on my blog reading again! Oh my, what a strange week! It’s been great to spend so much time with honey but I miss my routine a little.

Talk to you later?

Love you guys and really miss you.