What are you up to this Wednesday?

Hey you,

How are are you, dearest friends?

How is it April 26 already? Almost May? We’ll all blink and it will be Christmas again!

I woke up at 7 a.m today, to go to a doctor’s appointment. I had one at 8 a.m and Rui had one next at 8.15 a.m (of course they don’t give your more than 15 minutes, it’s the public healthcare system). I woke up and showered before Rui and he said he was so surprised that I was up without being called, and in a good mood that he didn’t even know what to say! I was happy to know I can still leave him speechless after 4 years lol

We went to the doctor and she was super nice, which is so rare! The printing process (of my list of exams) was super slow and she told me “I’m really loving your bracelet” and I smiled and we started talking. It’s the first time I get a kind, nice doctor in years!! I’ve had efficient ones (you remember Russian House, right?) but nice? Not very common. She was very talkative, even after, with Rui. He said he was my husband and she said “She doesn’t look so depressed today” and Rui said that I had been improving a lot and that a few months ago she would definitely have noticed and they got talking as well. Such a nice lady!

After our appointments we went for breakfast and spontaneously decided that we would go and buy all new stuff to our bathroom. So we bought some storage boxes, soap dish, soap dispenser, shower curtain, toothbrush holder, trash can and towel hangers. We are going out again because we need to go to the pharmacy to buy some of my medication and to leave some old, expired pills and so we will look for the only things we need for it to be complete, which is a toilet paper holder and a towel rack! The combination of colors is cute, in turquoise, brown and pink! We are also going to hang some frames and I’ve also added a plant to the shelves. I want to print something like “In this throne even the king shits himself” for the frames but I might go for something more polite and boring!

We need to so some grocery shopping as well. I feel like I always need to do some sort of grocery shopping. Is it like that in your house? Things just run out lol obvious, I know, but there’s always something missing. I need bananas again and Rui’s butter (the one he likes, not his brand, he doesn’t have any cows, yet!) and some meat and fish and other thingies. They should be calling me by my first name at the store by now, since I spend my whole life there!

Rui is all better today and is wearing new clothes and looking so cute, oh dear!! Also he was super helpful at the store, giving tips about color combinations and such. I just adore him!!

We have assembled our new shelving unit in the kitchen that’s going to be our little coffee station!! We have much more space now, which is always good!

The office is almost finished, we just need to hang a few things. I think I might be able to give you a home office and bathroom tour tonight. Is that exciting? Maybe you’re not as nosy as I am!

Best news yet: I’ve just received a lovely postcard from my loveliest friendΒ Dippy-Dotty Girl, also known as Cathy, just by me, but still. Dearest friend, I am so happy to receive your postcard and to see your beautiful handwriting!! I’ve actually met the mailman because of you hahaha I heard his motorcycle and went outside and he gave me the postcard and we started talking, while Rui stopped the dog from jumping the gate and eating the poor man. I mean, she would probably just lick him once she had found her freedom so he was not in any real danger. Very nice postman, he even got our names to make sure he always brings the mail to the right place because there’s a house with a very similar name in our neighborhood (since this is a small village we have names instead of numbers).

I guess that’s it for now… Rui is almost finished with 13 Reasons Why, I’m excited to know his final opinion!

Well, talk to you guys later!!




54 thoughts on “What are you up to this Wednesday?

  1. It’s 10:34am here and I feel like i’m burnt already. Totally missed the email from preschool about wearing green today so we got to school, saw my kid’s little sad face at not wearing green so me and younger kid(in jogging stroller) ran to a store a few blocks away, bought a dress with green in it then ran back to school. Sighhhh! But it was worth it(the look on her face) I really didnt want her to be left out of pictures on green day!

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  2. Oh wow! it is just 11:13 am here in Chicago! and you did so many things..Girl I still have so much to do, but I am glad everything is going amazing for you! And I always run out of things at the house so I totally feel your pain lol 13 reasons why is the show that my sister is watching, and I can’t wait til you show pictures of the office! ❀

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  3. Shopping with my hubby is so rare that when I finally get him to go with me, we make a date of as well with coffee and chatter. How sweet that you have someone that sounds handy around the house. I love the imagery of the postcard and the dog and mailman. You painted a lovely picture Cheila!


  4. Glad to hear that your appointment went well. Are you and Rui married? I had no idea! Also, it’s always fun to redo a room in the house!


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