Some thoughts and updates!

Hey guys!!

It’s 5.46 p.m and so far we’ve only been lazy!!

Rui is sick so he’s watching (and loving) 13 Reasons Why, while I catch up on some blog reading!! We haven’t talked much these past few days (me and you, not Rui and I lol) and I feel like we should catch up.

Things I have to tell you:

  • In my IKEA adventure description, I forgot that we stood in the store for about half an hour, trying color combinations on the plastic box shelf, until we decided what to buy lol. For the structure we had to choose between black and white and for the boxes there was green, yellow, black and orange and you could mix them up. We spent way too much time, putting boxes and taking them off until we decided what colors we wanted. We are such freaks!!


  • In our ridiculous ride home, besides the super full car and little me stuck inside, Rui was wearing sunglasses and some sort of beach hat, and looked like a drunk tourist. Can you imagine the scene?


  • We are almost done with the office, just need to get a few things in there and organize them. It’s really much nicer than before, both our areas (I’ve told you we share) are looking good and separate.


  • The rest of the house is a HUGE MESS! We should get to that soon. We have garbage bags full of paper and things to throw out, bags with things to sell and donate, things that are completely out-of-place, etc.


  • One of the oldest bookshelves that was in the office before (I have it since I lived with my family and I brought it with me when I moved out) fits perfectly in the bathroom and solves our bathroom renovation and tiny place problem. It’s perfect for towels, toilet paper rolls, some plants, etc. It fits perfectly in a little corner, leaving enough room in a bathroom that is so tiny! Also we get rid of that old, rusty, drawer cart that we had there and that I had brought from my old bedroom! Yay!!


  • I have a huge bag full of picture frames that we need to hang. We just don’t know where we want them. We need to pick them and decided which ones go to what room! Also, we need to pick and print the pictures we’re going to use!


  • I haven’t decided where I’m going to put my 30-pair shoe rack that was in the office before. The bedroom? Bathroom? No idea.


  • My dressing table is looking good and makes our room look much nicer and put together. Also, my makeup and cosmetic stuff are organized!


  • Our closet or wardrobe or whatever you want to call it is so old and looking like it might fall apart. If I didn’t need the storage I would throw it way this second!


  • We have some humidity issues in our bedroom, the walls need to be cleaned.


  • The whole house needs to be painted but we are probably only doing that in our Summer vacation. We are certainly buying better paint than the one the walls have on right now and definitely humidity proof.


  • The initial goal Rui had and still has for his vacation is fixing and painting our outside walls and change our fences. We also need to work on the garden and plant some flowers and clean up a bit. Let’s see if we have time for that.


  • The small (cube) bookshelf that I had in my office will go to the kitchen and will become some sort of coffee station! We have two coffee machines now, since I’ve brought the one that was at the office home. I could store it but I have coffee capsules to use that can only be used in said machine, so I will be using it along with the other one!


  • I want to take advantage of Rui being home and clean behind and under the stove, the fridge, the furniture, etc. Spring cleaning. I love to have everything spotless.


  • I’ve brought two trash bins from my office, I will use them to start recycling. Yes, I don’t do it now and I am ashamed of myself.


  • Yesterday I bought some capsules for my hair, because it has been falling a little. Have you ever tried something like that? My grandmother used to dip a jello sheet in water and then drink it, she said it would help your hair, skin and nails. I thought about doing that but I’ll try the capsules first!


Would you like to see some pictures of our mess? They work amazingly as pictures of the “before”!



Hope you enjoy it!!



52 thoughts on “Some thoughts and updates!

  1. Ooh I spy soft toys πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Are you mad about them too? I get lots of eye-rolls when I demand some in stores. From you know who. IKEA makes me want to buy way more than I should and their cheesecakes are heavenly. Surely reason enough to pop in.

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  2. I love that blue desk chair! Best of luck on all your spring cleaning – my room is pretty tidy right now, but I definitely still have things that need cleaning and sorting through, haha! I hope you’ve been having a good day. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’ve had a busy few days, you deserve a little rest. Also did I see a picture of a mandala on the noticeboard?? I got really excited, it looks so pretty.
    Also, I got worried as I looked through your photos and thought, “That’s not too messy”. Rory and I should really do some spring cleaning and sorting ourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha did you read that? Yes, it’s bad. I’ve known many Russian and Ukrainian people (they all understand each other) and every time I mentioned my partners name they laugh and told me that. I got to a point when I would say “My boyfriend Rui… oh I know, I know, I have been told, let’s move on” hahaha

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  4. You have so much things ! You live in a big house right ? I used to buy a lot of stuff but since I live in a small apartment I can’t have much things 😊 But Ikea always makes me buy something anyways ! πŸ˜„


  5. Cheila, you have been busy! IKEA is definitely a great place to go and get carried away with the many possibilities and colour options they offer. Re-organising a space can be a bit of challenge at times but I love to see the transformation when it’s all done. πŸ™‚

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