It doesn’t fit – Yes, it does – It does not! – Yes, it does. See? I told you! Ah-choo!

Hey guys!!

It’s after midnight here, which means it’s Monday, which means I went I day without blogging!!!

Also, today is my 3 month blog anniversary, but we’ll to that later!!

I need to tell you about my day!!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night because Mr. R is going through a huge sinusitis crisis (he has it even worse that I do) and spent the whole night snoring (which he never does, but poor thing cannot breathe), tossing and turning and pulling the covers from me. I would literally wake up every 30 minutes wanting to kill him with a fucking pillow but then I looked at him and he was looking half-dead already so I would just try to go back to sleep. Rinse and repeat. All night long. Poor me. I mean, poor him. He’s the sick one. My poor baby.

Anyway, we “slept” until about 11 a.m, when poor Mr. R gave up and told me he would just get up and go take a shower, because the hot water and vapor helps with his congestion. I told him to come back to bed after the shower and to just grab and extra pillow and try to rest a little but apparently I fell asleep and he went to the couch after his shower. I woke up a little later and we decided we would go for breakfast (at lunchtime, ha!) and then go to my office and take care of the move. I needed to get my furniture, books and materials and give the keys back to my landlord. We have decided that we will assemble and use the furniture in our house and then, when I go back to work, I will just rent an already furnished office or buy new furniture. So, off we went.

At the office, I had 3 big bookshelves, a small one, a desk, an office chair and two other chairs for students, a few boxes and decorating items, a bunch of folders, books, more pens and pencils than I will ever use, a little coffee table, our extra coffee machine and a bunch of other assorted little shit. I started by putting books and other small things into some big bags (the big, plastic, reusable ones that they give you at IKEA, for example) while my poor, sick but super strong and handy man disassembled the furniture. Then we both had to carry everything down the stairs to the car, which was not fun at all. And then we had to play Tetris trying to fit everything into the car (Seat Leon) which was fun. Oh and it did fit!! Poor me had to ride in the back seat, covered in selves and bags. It was fun anyway!

Well, don’t think the fun part is over. Nope. You know me!

What do you do when you have an already full car?

You go to IKEA, of course!

So the story is:

Remember about that mirror that I really wanted so I can have a nice dressing table, where I can do my hair and makeup? The one that was going to be on sale in May?

Since I was a little sad because I was giving my office away and seeing the empty room almost made me cry, my lovely Mr. R said that he would do anything to make me happy so he told me I could have anything I wanted. Of course the mirror came to my mind but I told him that it would go on sale in May, from 12,00€ to 7,99€. He said that wasn’t even that big of a difference and that we could definitely get it now. So we ended up in IKEA. With a car that was already full. With the intention of buying a mirror (which is much smaller than I expected, I have been totally fooled by a picture, but I bought it anyway) and only a mirror.

Well, we did buy the mirror….

… plus:

  • 2 glass salad bowls (I have been eyeing them for a while because they are super cheap (1,29€ each) and super cute, but I always forget to get them when we go there;
  • 2 sets of 3 Tupperware boxes (0,99€ each set);
  • 1 stool for my dressing table;
  • About 10 small flower pots, for herbs. We got 2 white, 2 purple, 3 lilac (one of them I will use for my makeup brushes) and a bunch of metal ones for 0,79€ (colors) and 0,49€ (metal) each;
  • A new set of selves for Rui. Well, they’re not really shelves, it’s a set that holds plastic boxes, like the ones people use for toys. He needed something for his endless cables and… things… man things….;

He was hesitant in bringing it because he said it wouldn’t fit the car. I looked at it and said it would. He said he doubted it would and that we were going to take it but, if I it didn’t fit inside the car, I would have to stay there at IKEA while he would go home to drop everything off and then come back for me (it would take him over an hour lol). I said I was more than happy if I had to stay because IKEA has really good hot-dogs, so I would just sit there and eat.

We got to the car and…

Of course it fit!!! I just knew it!!

So we loaded the car, even more. Poor vehicle! And we drove home, while many people laughed at us, from their car. I’m not even joking. It must have been fun to look at from the outside. Poor me, buried inside the car that was almost exploding. What a scene. These are the memories that we laugh about later. And that make people laugh at us, apparently.

So this was my day.

Then we came home. Ate pizza. Watched kitchen nightmare and just hang out.

I made him some hot milk with lemon zest and honey because it helps him when he’s sick. I slipped some powdered ginger into his milk because one of my lovely readers said it was the best for sinus crisis. Well, actually they meant ginger tea, but I used what I had hahaha. He’s sound asleep at the sofa right now so maybe it worked?

So now I have a kitchen full of things to organize tomorrow and we will be spending all day organizing our house, assembling furniture and changing things up a bit around here. It sounds like fun, actually! Some room tours might be coming to the blog soon!!

I’m sorry I was MIA yesterday, friends!!

As always, love and hugs!!




46 thoughts on “It doesn’t fit – Yes, it does – It does not! – Yes, it does. See? I told you! Ah-choo!

  1. LOL, this is great! I particularly enjoyed the retelling of the sleepless night. Poor you, I mean, Mr. R. 😉

    Sounds like you’ll have much to keep you busy. It’s great changing things around and organizing. Have fun!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ikea is like a vortex of want vs need, right! Every time we go there we get a tack of stuff we didn’t even know existed, let alone that we thought we needed lol. Good job on getting it all in there!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My home town of Sheffield is getting Ikea in few months time, I’m looking forward to it! Fancy seeing what Shakespeare character you are? I have a quiz on the blog party I’m hosting. Anyone with anything to say about Shakespeare or wanting to do the quiz are welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So sorry to hear about R’s cold! You should tell him to try steaming; boil some water and then put a towel over your head so the steam gets trapped in with your face! Also, how cool about the mirror!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He was taking a shower earlier and I opened the door and the bathroom was covered in steam and he said “I’m so comfortable here, the steam makes it so easy to breathe” and I joked and asked if he wanted me to serve him his dinner in the bathroom lol

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  5. What a combination, Sinus and Ikea, all tension released. Btw I do the same with refer to hot shower, it really works at my end. Overhere temperature easily goes to near 50C sometimes more. But I love my hot shower because of sinus.

    Wish you both best of health. Looking forward to your rearrangement

    Liked by 1 person

  6. IKEA is one of my favourite places! I could spend the whole day there browsing and eating of course! Haha! Ahh, that “will it fit?” Issue, I know exactly what it’s like, but well done you for getting it right! 🙂 x


  7. It’s a pity it fit… I remember being on my low budget travel in Prague and seeing the billboards of these hotdogs. My friend and I looked at each other in disbelieve and cycled fast as our legs could go. I have munched down a few of them!

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