Good evening dearest friends,

As you know, we’ve spent the whole day reorganizing some things around the house. We decided to start by our home office, which is almost finished. But it was a huge mess and so full of things, which meant a lot of work.

We had to take everything out, clean, assemble some furniture, pick and choose what is trash, what is to sell, what is to donate and then finally moving everything in (there are boxes, books, folders, tons of teaching and studying materials – one can accumulate so many pencils and pens and post its and little things… Oh my! I have so many things. But they are organized now. Well, most of them are. We still have so much to do tomorrow. But worry not, will see pictures of everything. We are doing a mix of Spring cleaning, changing furniture and decoration around and including some new things that came from my office and that we have bought. Things are looking nice and neat.

In the meantime, I’ve had 0 blogging time and I miss you guys so much!! I have comments to answer to, so many posts that I want to read and comment on. Let’s see if I can get to it now, since we’ve just had dinner and I don’t plan of doing anything else today. We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow, or maybe the day after because tomorrow is actually a National Holiday here, which celebrates freedom (we lived under a dictatorship for many years before it finally ended on April 25th, 1974). I think we’re meeting some friends in the afternoon and maybe stopping by my mom’s house.

Today, April 24th is my 3-month blog anniversary!! I’m happy to have come this far!! I keep loving every single minute of it!

I’ve won an amazing giveaway hosted by the wonderful Kristen on her amazing blogΒ The Brunette Bookworm Blog! I won a book of my choice from book depository, up to $20 USD!!! Is that amazing? I’m so happy! I never win anything and I’ve won two giveaways in 3 months!! I’m feeling really lucky these days!!! Thank you so much, Kristen! You’ve made my day!!

I guess that’s it for today, my friends!! I will go, answer some comments and read some blogs!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!