Hey guys!!

I had totally and completely forgotten Mr. R had taken this week off! We are now taking care of all of the house changes and so I can do a full, usual and normal blog post!

We’re focusing on the house today!!

But I’ll leave you with some questions and I’ll OBVIOUSLY update you on my day later. I might take before and after pictures, to shame Rui and hist bunch of shit scattered around!!

What’s your favorite room in the house?

What room are you dying to change things up a bit or to do a full renovation?

Do you live alone? Who do you live with?

Worst habit a housemate can have? (Hello not rinsing your plates!)

See you soon,

I’ll be redecorating and doing some FODIY (Telling Rui “Fuck off, Do It Youself)


P. S Above is a picture of our beautiful home. Enjoy!