Hey there, happy Monday!

Hey guys!!

I had totally and completely forgotten Mr. R had taken this week off! We are now taking care of all of the house changes and so I can do a full, usual and normal blog post!

We’re focusing on the house today!!

But I’ll leave you with some questions and I’ll OBVIOUSLY update you on my day later. I might take before and after pictures, to shame Rui and hist bunch of shit scattered around!!

What’s your favorite room in the house?

What room are you dying to change things up a bit or to do a full renovation?

Do you live alone? Who do you live with?

Worst habit a housemate can have? (Hello not rinsing your plates!)

See you soon,

I’ll be redecorating and doing some FODIY (Telling Rui “Fuck off, Do It Youself)


P. S Above is a picture of our beautiful home. Enjoy!


36 thoughts on “Hey there, happy Monday!

  1. Woahhhh, you have quite the renovation ahead of you! I think my favorite room in my house is my own room I do love my backyard too though. I live with my parents still but if I had my own home it would be completely different in design and style. Worst habit a person can have is not cleaning up after themselves and being messy in general ahhhhhh, I hate it! I would love it if we redid our whole kitchen and bathroom upstairs because the kitchen is super small and needs updating!

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    • I hate small kitchens!! I think it should always be one of the biggest room in the house. Here in Portugal, apartments tend to have super tiny kitchens. I’m thankful for my current kitchen, it’s really big. We live in a small country house where no wall is straight (I’m not even kidding) but we have a huge kitchen and bedroom. The bathroom, on the other hand, is so tiny. Huge shower, tiny bathroom, which makes no sense lol

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  2. Ahahaha, hmmm I see the trying-to-guilt-him-into-work post. You cannot be living into that house! I see the appeal of the faded, peeling look of any cottage but if it rains you are in trouble. Worse habit a roommate can have – that is easy. Leaving his socks lying around like they shall walk themselves to the laundry basket.

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  3. My favourite room is the kitchen πŸ™‚ The most interesting conversations take place there and hey, that’s where the food is πŸ˜€
    I would love to change my bedroom…it’s so cluttered and full of stuff I don’t need anymore. And I absolutely hate it when people leave dirty dishes lying around, I can’t stand the smell!
    Looking forward to reading about your house update!

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  4. I have been renovating/ redecorating for many months, so my house looks a lot messier than I’d ever find acceptable. I love my living room because it’s decorated with many interesting things to look at and it brings memories and good feelings. I love my dining room/kitchen because it’s bright and girlie and I get a lot of work done on that dining table. Sometimes the kids and I have candlelight dinners for fun. My bedroom is so cluttered right now that it gives me anxiety. I need to redo the whole thing. It’s my childhood home, but my parents still have a ton of their things in it, so it’s difficult to find storage. Everything gets hidden away in my room because I hate presenting clutter to those who visit. Anyhow, happy fairy tale home making!

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  5. That’s a great house you have there. Looks like it would get a decent amount of sun, what with all the holes. Airy too πŸ˜›
    I live in a tiny flat at the moment, which is perfect for just me and Rory. It is however cluttered beyond belief, which is both of our faults. We both leave things everywhere and no one tells the other to pick it up, so it never happens until there’s no space anywhere. Then we do a massive clean up and repeat the cycle.

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  6. I just renovated my room a couple days ago! Moved the furniture around and told my mama it improved the feng shui. I honestly think it did! I’ve been sleeping way better and working more…
    I love the FODIY. Gonna have to use that!

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  7. I can tell the renovation is gonna look great!
    So far my favorite room in the apartment is the living room, only because of the balcony lol. I think if you live with a male the worst habit is if they leave pee stains on the toilet or floor😐
    I can’t wait to finally get our bedroom together and couch for the living room.

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    • You need to get things straight from the start lol “Do you like a clean toilet? So do I. If you leave pee stains on the seat I’m going to start taking a shit on the toilet seat cover” LOL that might be a bit too much hahahaha


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