100 People in ten days? Oh my! Let’s party!!!!!!

So I have 800 followers!!

In less than 3 months!

Did I ever expect this? No way!!

Am I happy about it? Absolutely!!

I’ve just celebrated 700 followers 10 days ago.

This blog just keeps surprising me!!

If you would like me to follow back, introduce yourself and leave a link with your favorite posts!! I love getting to know my readers and it’s a pleasure to follow back, if you give me the chance!!

Let’s do a blog party??

I invite everyone to leave one or two link to their blogs, so other people can follow you!! Let’s all be friends!!



152 thoughts on “100 People in ten days? Oh my! Let’s party!!!!!!

  1. Congratsssss! I told you you’re gonna reach 1K in no time! Before you know it you’re gonna be making that post lol I can’t wait it’s going to be super exciting! I’m ready to celebrate with you each timeπŸŽ‰ I know 1K will be epic!
    Here’s my link:
    And my latest posts:


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  2. Congratulations! You’ll have many, many more followers! My link:
    For Thoughts, Songs, Words with Meaning: nkdwhtguy.wordpress.com
    For Renting Love (mature): rentinglove.wordpress.com

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  3. Finally you get to do your very own blog party ! πŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰Congratulations dear, your blog is amazing and the whole world can see it ! πŸ’œ
    Can’t wait to check everyone’s posts and links 😊

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