Well, hello there!

Hi guys,

Today was not the day I got back to my health for days journey. What a disappointment, right? My sinusitis is back, even if a little less aggressive. It’s affecting my ears a little bit. It’s normal and the doctor told me I should expect more frequent episodes in both Spring and Fall. Some people have allergies and I have this. It’s okay, though. I got to finish watching 13 reasons why and cry like a baby. The show is really good.

So I haven’t done anything productive today and I’ve eaten my cereal. Look at me, being so bad. I want to get better and help and inspire you all, so this is not the way to go. No slacking allowed. I really need to get back into my healthy routine. ASAP.

I know I won’t do shit today, but I need to make a list for tomorrow. I’m going to share it with you guys and all, so you can hold me accountable.

Wednesday’s to-do list:

  • I have a doctor’s appointment at 8 a.m and Rui at 8.15 a.m. I’m going to ask the doctor for some blood tests (I have a list from my psychiatrist but they have to be ordered by a family doctor).
  • I have a psychiatrist appointment at 5.30.
  • Between the two appointments, I’ll be at my office, putting everything into boxes and disassembling the furniture, so we can fit everything into the car. (Yes, I can deal with IKEA furniture by myself easily).
  • I need to do some laundry and wash mainly Mr. R’s clothes because he will be going away for a company event and team building on Thursday morning and only coming back on Saturday evening. Yup, I’ll spend two nights alone at home, for the first time. Anyway, I need to pack for him.
  • I’m also trying to convince him to go and buy some new stuff, I think he needs some new clothes. We might take care of that tomorrow night, if I can force him to go shopping.
  • I have emails and messages to answer (if you have sent me an email, fear not, I’m not dead, I will get back to you as soon as I can) and some people to talk to.
  • I need to take care of something with my bank, but that can be resolved with just one phone call.
  • I want to write and send some postcards.

I guess that’s it for tomorrow.

It will be hard waking up so early, as I’m not used to it now.

Mr.R just got home and bought me the cutest mugs as a present. I will show them to you in a later post.

I don’t have to cook dinner tonight, since we have leftovers from yesterday, which is nice. I might share a new recipe tomorrow, something with curry!! Are you excited? No? Okay.

I’ve made my last grocery hall before the 23rd and I’m so scared to know how much did I spend over our 150€ budget. I’m starting to think that my budget might be unrealistic, especially with all of my food changes. Let’s see how it went. I’ll definitely share with you guys.

I don’t have anything of interest to say today, so bear with me.

Love you, my people.

Hugs for everyone.




34 thoughts on “Well, hello there!

  1. Don’t worry about not continuing the Health for Days today, we all understand! Feel better soon, Cheila. I hope my letter reaches you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Erika, then you understand me. We both have it, can you believe it. When I’m fine, he’s sick. When he’s sick, I’m fine. Sometimes we are both sick lol Sinusitis is hell!! The headaches are the worst part. No pill can make them go away.

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  2. Get back to it when you’re feeling well and ready! We’ll be here waiting☺️ also, I’ve been hearing SO much about 13 Reasons Why, nothing but positive comments about it so I must watch it when I get the chance

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