Just me and mah slow internet

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen!!

I’m trying to blog but it is very difficult as I’m using my phone as a hotspot and the connection is super slow!!

I don’t have much to say either, nothing that is interesting and educational.

But I can ramble…

Rui took me for ice cream and we sat near the river for a bit, it was nice. I took my shoes off in the grass and it felt good. Then we went to one of those cheap Chinese stores (do you have them where you live?) and bought a towel rack for my bathroom door (I saw one my mother-in-law has in her bathroom and asked her where she had bought and went there immediately, as I’ve been looking for one I like. We also bought a beach hat for each, but I suspect Rui is going to where his while doing his agricultural activities and while we are on vacation, everywhere. Man loves a hat. I will show you mine, when I go back home. It’s turquoise and big, with a polka-dotty bow. So Cheila!! (I’ve just used my name as an adjective).

Before all that, we went to buy my friends’ birthday presents. We bought them a daffodil each (the pot is a chicken hahaha) and a birthday card and a chocolate. I ate one when I got home, so they are going to have to share the other. I’m such a fatty pig. In my defense it was an Oreo chocolate by Milka. Those are fantastic and I couldn’t help myself.

Then we got home and I was trying to read some blogs on my phone, but the connection was lousy where I was. So I moved the phone to a good place and grabbed my computer. It’s a little better.

Just now, my friends skyped me from Rita’s birthday picnic (Patrícia’s Party is tomorrow night, and we will make it to that one). I accidentally flashed my friend’s boyfriend, because I was being funny and showing my boobs to my friend and the connection was slow and when the image got there, the phone was in his hand. Nice! It’s okay, though, we are all friends and we were college mates, so he will forgive me!!

Rui just got here and judge me for eating the chocolate! Now I feel so bad…not!

What else can I tell you?

Oh, I was reading for a little while and I’m really getting into one of the books from my list, the one by Saramago.

I meant to tell and make it very clear that you can always reach out to me at pinkfordays@outlook.pt or Intagram direct, or Twitter chat, or Facebook messenger, or whatever you choose.

Some people have contacted me asking for blogging advice (I keep telling everyone I’m still a newbie and don’t know that much) or just to chat, and I love it, so feel free to say something, anytime. Also, if you would like me to write about a specific topic, do a collaboration, whatever you need or want, just drop me a line!

I also want to apologize because I haven’t been so present these past few days, because I’ve been busy and because of the freakin internet. I mean to read all of your posts, and to check my new followers’ blogs and all that, and I will do it once I get the chance!!

I guess that’s it for now, guys!!

I hope you are having a nice, sunny, happy weekend!!

See you tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Just me and mah slow internet

  1. It sounds like you are having the best time 🙂 I lol at “so Cheila lol…I feel you on the internet. I am in the same situation and never know if it’s going to work or not. It’s nice you are having a good time, enjoy it!!

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