Break on Easter Break!!

Hello my people (I feel like a dictator talking like this)!

No, I’m not taking a blogging break. How could I? Blogging is one of the loves of my life and you cannot be away from those, can you? That’s why Rosa follows me into the bathroom for #thronewatch.

So, I will be breaking my “Health for days journey” posts, which I have been doing since the beginning of the week anyway. It has been a different and difficult couple of weeks because of my being sick and going to the hospital and to McDonald’s for comfort (see how I just discretely threw that in here?). I haven’t been following my diet and exercise routines because of those factors. I’ll be on track again next week, but it does not make sense to do it for the rest of this week, since I will be staying at my parents-in-law house from tonight until Sunday night. Also, it’s Easter and I intend to eat my weight in chocolate and other assorted goodies. See my point?

Anyways, the journey will come back on Monday (17), as well as my exam preparation begins. I intend to share my studying schedule with you and update you on my progress too. Also, I intend to start sharing my weight, each day on my morning post and how much water I drank during the day in my update post. Just some minor changes and more dedication, for sure!

I have a few guest posts coming and maybe a collaboration too!

I intend to share a recipe today, before our road-trip (of just 2 hours lol) and catch up on my blog reading, which is way behind, for which I apologize.

Before we go at about 6, I need to take care of some laundry, get the kitchen clean, pack and shower and get myself together. Rui is taking Rosa to the hotel at 5, after his dentist appointment. I think I might need to get some snacks as well, even though we are having dinner once we get there. But what kind of road-trip is it without snacks? Come on!! I need skittles!

Tomorrow I must go out (there) for some Easter chocolate for the family and two birthday presents for my two best friends whose birthdays are on Saturday and Sunday. Bitches think they own the weekend!!!

Okay, I better get my butt up and leave the internets and go do something!!

See you later!




35 thoughts on “Break on Easter Break!!

  1. I wish you the best of luck on your health journey! For now, enjoy your weekend and your Easter too! I wish you a safe road trip (of two hours hehehe)! Hope you get lots of snacks and enjoy your ride.

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  2. Yes! πŸ™‚ Holidays should always be considered freebies when it comes to things like diets and working out. πŸ˜›
    Do you have any certain Easter dish you always make? I’m always in charge of making the mashed potatoes for holidays. I make them like my grandma used to and they’re always so good and creamy (and probably pretty fattening lol). I can’t imagine having a holiday without them though! I hope you have a great Easter!!! ❀

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    • I’m at my mother in law’s house, so I’m not cooking anything. I have never hosted Easter at my house, I think I would go for everything bunnies and eggs in terms of decoration and food. There are very cute Easter desserts on Pinterest!

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  3. I’m sure you’ll complete all your tasks✨ have a great Easter! Enjoy the weekend in general, we might get a bit of rain but it will still be a nice day, you may even have a lot to blog about when it’s over☺️


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