Health for days journey – day 16 (getting back on track edition)

Dear friends,

How is this Tuesday treating you? I hope everything is okay!

I started my day late, as usual. I really need to set an alarm and stick to it.

I hate taking medication! But I said I would not complain and do whatever doctors tell me to do, so I just take it and hope to get better. I don’t just hope, I try my best too!

Except for last week. I haven’t been feeling well in the past week or so, which is new and different from the weeks before, when I was full of energy and feeling like myself. Anyway, I know that I will have relapses, problems with medication, etc, so this is just another part of the journey. The dark side.

My medication was altered, and today I feel a little better. I’m getting back to it.

I started my day by feeling extremely happy for being featured in this lovely interview by the greatest, my blogging guru Bea. This is the link:

Get to know Pink for Days

This interview is part of her “Get To Know” series, which is awesome (and the greatest idea) and has featured:


The freckled Fashionista (Abigail)

Ciarra Lorren

Make sure to head over to her blog and get acquainted with her “Get To Know” series so you can get to know amazing bloggers and read her fantastic articles (NOT saying this because I was interviewed, although I feel extremely flattered and proud)!

What else did I want to talk about?

Hmm… okay…

Unfortunately, the house doesn’t stop just because I’m ill and my to-do list is pretty fat this week. The house got to be a mess, I have a huge pile of laundry again, a huge pile of dishes, dust and dog hair everywhere, sheets and towels need changed, we are almost out of food, although our grocery budget is long gone, and I need to get shit together before going away for Easter on Thursday afternoon.

So, I got a bunch of shit going on:

  • Easter with Rui’s family. Will be away from Thursday afternoon (or evening because Rui has a dentist appointment at 5.30) to Sunday night;
  • My friend’s birthday on Saturday which I won’t be able to attend, which leaves me crushed;
  • My friend’s birthday on Sunday. She’s organizing dinner at her mother’s house at 8 p.m, need to make sure we leave Rui’s parents in time to be there (2 hour drive);

I need to buy my friend’s presents, Easter chocolate for family, and pack for our trip. I cannot go unless the house is clean and organized, I just get anxiety. Also, Rosa needs a bath because she’s going to a pet hotel for those days! Which is going to be cheap and cost a fortune at the same time. Can you understand that? lol It’s cheap for a 4-day stay but expensive to spend. Damn, I have so much going on. My mind is tired already and I’ve left the bed 3 hours ago.

I also need to get some grooming done, I’m such a mess. I’ve been living in pajamas, need to wax and shave (I shave certain body parts and wax… others #queenofTMI), get my eyebrows done and give my face and hair a little love and care (this rimes and could be a fucking Dove commercial);

Oh, and did I tell you I need to evacuate my office? Yup, I still have everything there! We need to do the moving. I might have to recruit a few family members. I’m thinking about my poor brother-in-law, sister and stepfather, maybe. One of them. Or two. Rui says he can do it on his own but he certainly can’t because there are bookshelves and things to take care of and load into the car. I would like to be moved this week, so I’m done with that chapter, now that I know that I will be home a few months.

So today I would like to try to get back on track. Take a long shower, do my yoga and eat right (which I have been doing, despite feeling unwell. I kept cooking healthy food and eating it, just maybe not on the right time, at crazy hours). I just want to go back to a positive journey and I hope I can do it this week.

Thank you so much for reading and for putting up with my craziness lol

I will post a recipe next!



23 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 16 (getting back on track edition)

  1. So glad you’re enjoying the Get To know series! Thank you very much for sharing the fact that I’ve started a series with your bloggers, I’m excited for them to go and check out your interview to get to know your a better! I wish you the best of luck with everything you need to get done today and for the rest of the days to come! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course I had to share!! They can read my interview and all of the others. I’m sure they will love them and your blog, if they don’t know you already, which is almost impossible, dear!! Thank you so much for being so great!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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