Getting to know YOU – Questions for my readers!!

I’m reblogging this so my new followers can introduce themselves if they would like to do so. I would love to get to know you!! Don’t just be a follower, be a reader and a friend!! Can’t wait to get to know you!!

Pink for Days

Hey there, dear friends!!

I would love to know more about the people who read my blog every day and comment and talk to me so often so I though… I would ask!

These questions may be too personal for you and you might not want to answer them for privacy reasons and that is totally okay. I won’t love you any less!!! You can always answer privately, using my email:!

The questions:

  1. What is your first name?
  2. Do you have a middle name?
  3. Can you tell me your age and birthday?
  4. Where in the world are you?
  5. What is your maternal language? What language do you speak at home? Do you speak any other languages?
  6. Are you married? If so, how many years? Did you have a big wedding?
  7. Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend? if so, how many years have you been together?
  8. Are you…

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25 thoughts on “Getting to know YOU – Questions for my readers!!

  1. 1) Mehul
    2) No, I don’t have a middle name
    3) My age is 21 and birthday is on 25 Nov
    4) I live in India
    5) Hindi. I can speak Hindi, Punjabi and English
    6) No, I am not married
    7) Yup, I am single
    8) I am still a student so can’t be a dad yet..
    10) I am currently doing btech in mechanical stream.
    11) The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
    12) Don’t have a particular favourite movie
    13) Favourite band is Coldplay and favourite artist is Enrique Iglesias
    14) Pizza forever
    15) I like reading books ,blogging and many more
    18) For me the time is 23:23 and date is 10/4/2017
    19) I love to share my views with others that’s why I blog
    20) I like everything bout blogging specially i got many friends here.
    I hope you liked my answers 🙂

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  2. Hmm 😒…

    Wow 😳!!!

    Cheila..,so glad to see you so eager to know your audience…,

    And I do hope you get some responses and form some really strong bonds..

    I’m in your circle.. and I do love to read your blog posts..,
    So keep on posting..

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  3. What a neat idea! To answer a couple of those questions, my name is Alli, I have a wonderful bf, I love Asian food, big fan of funny trash movies (I just saw one yesterday called Me Him Her on Netflix and it was so funny and so trash, I recommend), and I love all types of music from Britney Spears to Blink182 to the Kooks and 2 door cinema, it’s all good but I can’t get into country/: haha love this post! Same questions to you of course!

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    • Thank you so much for your answer, Alli!! I love getting to know other bloggers and my readers!! I was going to say “we share an amazing boyfriend” when I wanted to say “we share the fact that we have an amazing boyfriend” Thank God I realized just in time hahaha the meaning would be totally different.

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  4. I love this idea, especially since I am new to blogging 🙂
    The questions:

    1. Kim
    2. Michelle
    3. 28, May 7, 1988
    4. Midwestern United States
    5. English
    6. Not married.
    7. Been together with my bf for 6 years. we are technically engaged lol. we meet on march 11, 2011 and were engaged by july 6. fast i know. i just call him bf because typing fiancee gets to long.
    8. Yes I am a mom. Technically, I am not. My bf has a 10 year old son that I don’t care if i didn’t give birth to him, he is my son.
    9. Nursing
    10. Yes, four years. received by BSN in nursing
    11. such a loaded question… I have to many!
    12. Again I have to many.. but i tend to lean to chick flick and dramas.
    13. oh my again so many!
    14. anything potatoes!
    15. reading, crafting–bullet journal, scarpbooking, gardening, cooking, pinterest lol
    16. none. lol
    17. yes, to many as my bf says! 1 dog, milo. 2 cats, powder and febe. 2 guinea pigs-mama and dixie. 1 rabbit-charlie, 1 hedgehog-Twiggy
    18. 1:29 pm
    19. i ramble, ALOT. I just have so many things that I like to talk about and sometimes no one wants to hear about them. Don’t get me wrong, my family talks to but blogging gives me purpose to talk about what I want to talk about without being told to be quite because a show is on or we need to play outside.
    20. love that i am able to write about anything i want. plus, i get to read others blogs. what i dont like… there is so much stuff that i do not know!

    Now some questions about my blog, if you don’t mind answering!

    22. I do not have a lot of blogs I follow, so your is there when I log on.
    26.anything, i love what you post about!
    27.i am pretty open to anything. but i am not a big reader on politics or religion.
    28not yet.
    29. keep it up, you are are a great writer!

    Thank you for this opportunity to share with you who I am!

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  5. The questions:

    What is your first name? Hazel
    Do you have a middle name? Elizabeth after both my granny’s 🙂
    Can you tell me your age and birthday? 21st May 1989, May baby!!
    Where in the world are you? London, Uk
    What is your maternal language? What language do you speak at home? Do you speak any other languages? English. Ive studied Irish and French so I’d say I could get by with them…… Could being the right word 🙂
    Are you married? If so, how many years? Did you have a big wedding? Yes, 4 months! Yep, back home with all our loved ones
    Are you a mom or dad? Not yet
    What do you do for a living? I’m a Key Account Manager in a Wholesale bakery in London. So in a nut shell, I sell bread and cakes 🙂
    What did you study in University? Did you attend? English Lit and Irish History
    What’s your favorite book? I have so many, it depends on my mood. Beetle Mania, Paula Clamp, Cherries in the Show, Emma Forrest, The Hobbit, JRR Tolken, Harry Potter, Anything Marian Keyes, the list goes on!
    What’s your favorite movie? Almost Famous
    What is your favorite band or artist? At the moment, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran,
    What is your favorite food? Mexican, Vietnamese, Pizza
    Do you have any hobbies? Sewing & Blogging
    What sports/activities do you practice? Does walking count?
    Do you have any pets? Can you tell me their names? YES 2 cats! Bella and Tuki (Sometimes lovingly referred to as Terrorist and Anti Christ :))
    What time is it for you right now? 14.20pm
    Why do you blog? Why not?? I enjoy it, I wasn’t sure I could do it and it started out as an experiment, Now I love it!

    Now some questions about my blog, if you don’t mind answering!
    Do you like my blog? Why? Yes, I love how open and honest you are. Your A sides and your B sides. Thats quite rare!
    Am I one of your favorites? Why? Yep, I like touching in and knowing how your getting on, I’m kinda invested in ya now 🙂
    Do you think I post too often? No just right i’d say
    Do you think I am too open about things and should be more discreet? No! Perfect as you are!
    Do I annoy you in any way? Not that I can think off!
    What kind of posts do you prefer? Your daily check list, reminds me to do mine 🙂
    What kind of posts don’t you like? So far I can’t think of one.

    Wow, I enjoyed that more than I though I would 🙂 Thank you

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    • OMG Hazel might be one of my favorite names ever. I’m also an English (and American) Lit girl!! I can’t count how many time I had to study The Raven lol I love the nicknames you have for your cats, I should get something similar for my dog, Rosa. She can be quite destructive! Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran ROCK!!! Thank you so much for answering. It’s great to get to know you better!!


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