Hey there, my friends!

As you can see, I’m leaving this day out of my health for days journey. Why? Well, remember I had told you I needed to wake up early and go with Mr. R to take care of a few things and take the dog to the vet? Didn’t happen. I was just so… high… we was unable to wake me up and he had to take care of everything by himself. Since they couldn’t hold the dog to give her a vaccine (Rosa is like a pit-bull at the vet) they had to dope her!! So I wake up at almost 4 p.m, when Rui got home with a very high dog. I was still kind of high myself and not quite out of my communist Russia and Czar dream (the longest ever) so I was confused. What a situation, Rosa the druggie and me, Mrs. Junkie. I’ve woken up now, called my doctor and she has reduced my medication. Thankfully!!

Anyway, now it’s about 6 p.m, we’re waiting for the internet guy (we’re getting faster internet and cable for the same price we paid for the slow internet only) and I haven’t done shit lol such a productive day. Mr. R is on fire so he has already washed like 5 days worth of dishes….

(He just called me and said “come see a snake” and I thought I was still high on my meds for a moment, but then I went there and it was a very cute baby snake. We don’t kill any animals here, not even spiders, so he is kindly asking her to leave our property)

… vacuumed both the kitchen and the living room, because the cable guy needs to think we’re clean.

He’s here now and I’m about to be out of internet so… See you later!!!