“Thankful for…The Tag” and The Blue Sky Tag #4

I was nominated for both this Tags by Sangbad, who blogs over at Thoughts of Words. If you don’t know him, please make sure to go over to his blog, read a few posts. You will find great fiction and amazing, beautiful poems. I highly recommend that you head over to his blog and give him a follow.

I would like to thank him for this double nomination and say that it is a pleasure to do both Tags!

I would like to start by the “Thankful for… Tag”

The rules are:

  1. Name three things you are thankful for;
  2. Nominate the fellow bloggers to continue the Tag;
  3. Device a logo for your Tag;

Here is my logo:

Be Grateful!.jpg

Here are three things I’m thankful for:

  1. My family. This obviously includes my amazing husband (we are legally bound because we have shared the same address for over two years, so I can call him my husband, although we are not married yet!), his family, our dog, my mom, sister, her boyfriend, my stepdad and their cat, Gatsby. My best friends are also family for me, so I’m including them as well.
  2. My support system. The amazing people that support me while I’m recovering from my depression. It has been such a tough journey and it took a while for people to realize and understand I was really suffering and that I needed help, but when they finally did, I got the support I needed.
  3. My strength. I’ve been through so much and there have been times when I have wanted to give every thing up. But I didn’t. I’ve been having a difficult time for many years, but I’m still standing and trying to get better, to get healthier and to be happy. I’m thankful that I haven’t given up on myself.

Here are my nominees:

I nominate any reader who’s first name starts with a B. (Sorry, too many Awards and Tags, have nominated way too many people more than once). (You’re automatically nominated)

The Blue Sky Tag #4



As you can see I have been nominated for this Tag several times, but could not pass on Sangbad’s nomination. He was nominated for the Tag 3 times, so he got 33 questions. He told his nominees they could choose 11 from those 33 and answer them.

The questions I choose are:

  • If you were given a chance to make a difference in someone else’s life, how would you do it?

I would adopt an older child or maybe even a teenager, those no one wants. I would love them like my own, give them the chance of a happy life, pay for their studies and be there for them for the rest of my life.

  • Biggest lie that you heard from your ex or if you are single/no ex yet- anyone that is special to you.

I feel bad sharing this but I have an ex who would say that he was home studying and the next day someone would come up to me and say “hey, I had a great time with x at the club last night. No need to explain how pissed I would get, right?

  • Sun or moon?


  • Name one trait in you that you want to give up and why?

The occasional laziness.

  • Do you own a car? Which one? Do you have a dream car? which one?

I do not own a car. I ride with Mr. R. I also don’t have a driver’s license but I would love a Smart or a Beetle.

  • Do you still have your grandparents?

Only my grandmother on my mother’s side. Her name is Teresa. She is young at 69, but she has dementia, which is really hard on our family.

  • What is your fashion statement?

None? I don’t think I’m fashionable at all. I just wear clothes that I think are cute, always trying to hide my…. huh… curves lol

  • If you are stranded on an island with a stranger how would you introduce yourself without saying your name?

Hey there. I’m stupid as fuck. I got stranded on a desert island. So typical of me, I’m such a wreck, literally.

  • One thing you fear the most.

Losing my loved ones.

  • Describe your heart’s state in 6 words.

I need my lovely delicious cereal!

  •   Pizza or burger?

Come on, that’s the same as asking me if I prefer my right arm or my left arm.

Here are my nominees:

I nominate anyone who sees this and whose blog name starts with a C. (You’re automatically nominated)!


9 thoughts on ““Thankful for…The Tag” and The Blue Sky Tag #4

  1. These were both interesting tags with great answers. When you said you would adopt an older child my heart just shattered into a thousand pieces, so many people would deny giving love to a child who isn’t biologically their own, it was touching, loved this post, loved your answers, love your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so sweet!! It has always been my dream to adopt, and I have always wanted to adopt an older child or a teenager because those are the ones no one wants and who need someone the most

      Liked by 1 person

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