Sunday weekend recap almost on a Monday (it’s past midnight here) and a recipe!!

Good evening dearest friends,

How was your weekend? You know, in my scale between “flowers and unicorns” – “meh” and “bags of shit”?

Mine was meh. I was supposed to go to the beach today but didn’t, since I wasn’t feeling so well. We stayed home and took a big nap. Then I read a few blogs, made dinner and we watched the Portuguese version of “kitchen nightmare”, which is really good. The guy can be so much worse than Gordon Ramsey. And you get such dirty restaurant kitchens. And the guy gets so pissed. It’s perfect.

Well, let me try to do a little weekend recap.

Friday evening, Mr. R got home early and, since I wasn’t feeling too well and he is perfect, he decided we would do date night. So we went for kebab and a movie and watched “Going in Style”, which was extremely funny!


On Saturday we woke up late and I got breakfast in bed. Since I was not feeling so well, I stayed in bed and Mr. R and Rosa kept me company, while I read blogs. Then we got up and went to the library, I really needed the second Harry Potter book!! We went to the supermarket to get a few things and fresh fish for dinner, that my love cooked for us.

Today was just a lazy day of reading blogs and taking huge nap. Then I cooked dinner, which brings me to my recipe!!

…. which has no name. lol It’s just something I threw together.

The result, on my plate


  • 500 g of fusilli (or any kind of pasta, really)
  • 400 g of frozen green beans
  • 2 cans of mushrooms (I will start buying fresh but I had to cans to use)
  • 1 can of olives (no lumps)
  • 4 tablespoons of assorted seeds
  • 2 slices of cheese (we call it flamenco cheese, I have no idea how to call it in English)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Soy cream substitute (non-lactose)


  • Saute the green beans in olive oil


  • Add the olives and mushrooms


  • While they cook, start the pasta (hot, boiling water, salt and a drizzle of olive oil)


  • Add the non-cream sauce


  • Add the cheese and let it melt


  • Add the seeds


  • Stir and let it cook. Add salt and pepper


  • Serve and enjoy!


It’s vegetarian, although not vegan because of the cheese. I’m trying to cut meat and fish out of our meals a couple of days a week and this was one of them. It was really delicious. I didn’t notice the difference between this vegetable soy cream and real cream at all. I’m glad I discovered something new to add to our rotation. I’m will definitely be making it again!! It’s really simple, cheap and healthy.

Honey took a day-off tomorrow because we have some important errands to run, take the dog to the vet, and take care of some documents. I need to call my doctor, since I haven’t been feeling well. I have measured my blood pressure and it’s fine so it has to be something to do with my medication! If she says it’s not normal, I will probably go to the hospital and have a check.

That’s all for today, my friends.

I hope you all have an amazing week!!





37 thoughts on “Sunday weekend recap almost on a Monday (it’s past midnight here) and a recipe!!

  1. Don’t you just love it when you come up with a recipe on the spot while making dinner? I seriously need to work on my sauce game though since I will usually just use the ones that you just have to add water to and that’s it. That’s definitely not the healthiest thing to do!

    I recently did pasta with a bunch of veggies (bell peppers, green onion, carrots and leek) and one of those just mentioned sauces. It’s usually done with chicken too, but was just as yummy without the chicken!

    I really hope you can find out what’s been making you feel off lately especially since it’s been over a week now, right? Hopefully your doctor is going to be able to help you!

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    • I make most of my dinners on the spot. I mean I plan before, but come up with the recipe on my head. I only use tomato sauce and cream, I mean now I substitute cream with a vegetable sauce, made with soy. Thanks, yes, it’s been over a week, I really need to check in with her.

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  2. This sounds delicious ! As a cream substitute I also use light coconut cream, you should try it ! With rice and curry powder for example it has a lot of taste 😋 Also, I hope your visit to the doctor will be concluent ! 💗

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    • I do use coconut milk as well, love!! I love it!! But today I wanted to replicate some pasta I used to do with cream and didn’t want to feel that coconut flavor, so I went with the soy cream. It was amazing, you couldn’t even tell the difference

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        • It doesn’t, but that’s exactly why I like it. I don’t like most sauces and food with a powerful taste. I’m the weirdest. That’s why I don’t like spicy foods or curry or some tomato sauces. For me, food needs to be a little dry and tasteful but not too much hahaha.

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  3. Wow, here I was just checking out the blogs for the first time this weekend. Is it still the weekend, nope I guess not! Anyhow, what do I see but a lovely vegetarian recipe, with how-to pics! Awesome! I’ve been a vegetarian for decades and I’m trying to get motivated to cook. Your timing is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration! I hope you feel better. Having an unwell weekend is the pits.

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        • I have read many times that it’s good to cut back on meat. At least one or two days a week. Since I’ve been trying to eat better, I do that too. Among many other changes! (I have a blog post on that). The other day I used beans as substitute for meat and for this particular meal I didn’t even try to replace it, just ate veggies. My boyfriend says he misses the meat or fish in a meal, but I don’t at all. I wish I could say it was for moral reasons, but honestly it is really a health choice. I was never a great meat eater anyway, always small amounts. I can’t eat even half of a steak.


  4. Hello my lovely! I hope you get to feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than that feeling and the few things that you check are within the normal limits. Hellllo anxiety!?

    Your dinner looked delicious and since I’m a lazy cook, on a budget and cook for one – i am definitely going to give it a try!

    Keep resting when you can love and keep me updated on your appointment!


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    • Hello dear, I have just called my doctor and she has told me to cut back on some medication, which was apparently the culprit. It was delicious and, for one, it would last about 3 or 4 meals. If you like leftovers

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      • I am glad you reached out to your doc and I hope the adjustments help. I am sending healthy vibes your way! Like a Care Bear Beam!

        I love left overs if they warm up right and I think this one will! I am all about this meal! I will try to make it to the store tonight even! Cooking for one… eh! It is why I usually eat pizza, I need to get better still. Thank you for sharing!!


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