It’s me…

I was wondering if after all those years you’d like to meet…


It’s Cheila, not Adele.

I don’t have a stalker bone in my body and she tends to call or show up randomly at her ex lovers houses. Something I would never do.


How are you doing today? Flowers and unicorns or bags of sh**t? This is my scale!

Today I’m kind of meh, because I receive some bad news. Can’t get into details but basically someone committed fraud against a close member of my family, forging their signature and a few other things. It’s such a shitty situation because it was someone this person trusted. I woke up with this piece of news (it’s a really bad and difficult situation) and so my day went down the toilet. I ate my cereal for lunch, making today my cheat day instead of tomorrow. But I needed it. The person who this was done against is very close to me and the one who did it was someone I knew pretty well. I’m sorry about not being able to give details, for privacy reasons, but I need to vent anyway.

I’m not doing much today. I can’t be productive when I’m sad or worried or just plain shocked and in my “I hate humanity” mood. Thank God I have many blogs to read, since my internet was not collaborating yesterday.

I’m okay, don’t worry about me. Just digesting this piece of news and how ugly it’s going to become.

I will show you the pictures I took for you yesterday!

Mama?! Where the hell are you going without me?





Buying things to plant
At the store
Our local monument “PalΓ‘cio Nacional de Mafra”

I have more. I’m going to save them for later!

Now, you must all be wondering about Harry Potter.

Well, I loved it. I must have read about 50 pages last night because I couldn’t put it down.

My favorite character is Dumbledore! I love him.

I love how Hermione is always worried about the boys, making studying schedules for them and reviewing their homework. They always have each other’s back and I love that kind of friendship. I’m so glad and happy I finally got to read it. Now, let’s go on to the second book!


P.S I’m not good at taking pictures and I don’t edit them. Sorry.