Health for days journey – day 15 (I’ve finished Harry Potter edition)


It’s me…

I was wondering if after all those years you’d like to meet…


It’s Cheila, not Adele.

I don’t have a stalker bone in my body and she tends to call or show up randomly at her ex lovers houses. Something I would never do.


How are you doing today? Flowers and unicorns or bags of sh**t? This is my scale!

Today I’m kind of meh, because I receive some bad news. Can’t get into details but basically someone committed fraud against a close member of my family, forging their signature and a few other things. It’s such a shitty situation because it was someone this person trusted. I woke up with this piece of news (it’s a really bad and difficult situation) and so my day went down the toilet. I ate my cereal for lunch, making today my cheat day instead of tomorrow. But I needed it. The person who this was done against is very close to me and the one who did it was someone I knew pretty well. I’m sorry about not being able to give details, for privacy reasons, but I need to vent anyway.

I’m not doing much today. I can’t be productive when I’m sad or worried or just plain shocked and in my “I hate humanity” mood. Thank God I have many blogs to read, since my internet was not collaborating yesterday.

I’m okay, don’t worry about me. Just digesting this piece of news and how ugly it’s going to become.

I will show you the pictures I took for you yesterday!

Mama?! Where the hell are you going without me?





Buying things to plant
At the store
Our local monument “PalΓ‘cio Nacional de Mafra”

I have more. I’m going to save them for later!

Now, you must all be wondering about Harry Potter.

Well, I loved it. I must have read about 50 pages last night because I couldn’t put it down.

My favorite character is Dumbledore! I love him.

I love how Hermione is always worried about the boys, making studying schedules for them and reviewing their homework. They always have each other’s back and I love that kind of friendship. I’m so glad and happy I finally got to read it. Now, let’s go on to the second book!


P.S I’m not good at taking pictures and I don’t edit them. Sorry.


42 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 15 (I’ve finished Harry Potter edition)

  1. Aww I’m sorry your day started off poorly! I hope that the rest of it will be okay. I’m so happy that you’re reading Harry Potter and enjoying it! Dumbledore and Hermione are pretty great πŸ™‚ I love so many characters from that series, I’ve lost count. Have you watched any of the movies, or are you planning to? I love those, as well.

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  2. I am laughing so much right now πŸ˜€ flours and unicorns? How do you now I am wearing my unicorn shirt and wrote a unicorn themed post today! This is scary πŸ˜‰
    I am so sorry your day wasn’t the best 😦 I hope it’s getting resolved quickly.
    And Harry potter? Love it so much! Dumbledore is such an amazing character!!

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  3. First, I am sorry to hear that you had some unpleasant news. It’s always hard to digest and accept that some people are not who you thought. Broken trust is a painful thing and I am sending you good vibes!!

    Your cereal sounds amazing right now and I kinda wish that I had some sort of cocoa puff situation right now lol. Speak of, I need to find something for lunch!

    I adore your pupper and your pictures! I don’t edit my photos either – meh lol. I just snap away! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to see more! I’m having a meh day as well, we went from 70 degrees and sunny shine to snowy/rainy/gloomy nonsense for the past few days. It’s getting to me. Hang in there love and talk to you soon! ❀️

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      • Hi dear! Sorry for my reallllly delayed response! I did not really have any plans, I did spend some time with Caterpillar and then someone hit my car….so that was the rest of the weekend lol. I hope you had a great weekend and I plan to catch up on your blog and with you today!

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          • Oh not too much, but enough that my driver’s door is now janky and makes a sound that alarms me every time I open it. It shifts my quarter panel? The worst was they tried to get away with it… NOT TODAY SIR! Thank you for asking, its just going to be a pain to deal with, it always is and I am already stressed out about it 😦

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            • Shit, everything happens to you girl.. The other day someone bumped Mr.R’s car and just left, while he was in the car lol He checked the plate and they had no insurance. But the funniest part is how they just left, very happy and relaxed. didn’t even stop.

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              • Hi there lovely! It was not too bad, jut enough to mess with functionality of my driver’s side door :(.

                I am sorry to hear that crappy humans are everywhere! The offender of Mr. R’s car just kept going!? WHAT!? Ph gosh, what is wrong with people!? I hope it was not too bad!

                Yes… in terms of luck, I hav very little LOL. I hope you are having a good day lovely!<3

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  4. Hey girl! I’m so sorry about the sticky situation 😦 I pray it turns up soon.. Also- I’m going through the HP series too! I’m on book three right now- SOOOO good!!!!!!! Once I finish them all I want to go to HP world πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!

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  5. Harry Potter was my childhood! Seeing the last movie devastated me as it meant no more….. then the cursed child came out πŸ™‚ No matter my age I will always love HP! I’m a Hagrid fan myself….. Keep going they only get better! Not a major fan of the movies, I find them quite dark and only good to watch when the room is pitch black…. Plus so much is left out of them! Much prefer falling deep into the books! Loving your daily updates, the good and the bad! Its really refreshing as now a days you only see people’s a sides, never the b sides to! Keep going xxx

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    • Yes, I wish I had read it sooner. But I’m on my way to becoming a fan. With me you can always get one or the other, I have good and bad days and have no intention to hide or change either. Life has ups and downs and so do we. If you think about your week, it’s highly likely that you had at least one not so good day. I just write about them πŸ™‚


  6. I’m sorry to hear about the fraud issue! That’s terrible, especially when its someone that you knew (or thought you knew).
    I’m glad you’re enjoying Harry Potter! It’s definitely a fun book to read, and always cheers me up when I re-read them.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day!

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    • Thank you, Angela. You’re always so sweet. Unfortunately, the fraud was committed against someone very close but the person who committed such thing is no longer in my life. But it was definitely someone I was once close too and thought I knew. I certainly did not think they would be able to do such a thing. I think my family and I have a tendency to be too good and too welcoming and people take advantage of that.

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  7. That’s terrible about the fraud Cheila! I’m sorry to hear it. I hope everything gets corrected.
    I’m happy to hear you love Harry Potter! I’ve been a fan since a teacher read the first and second books aloud in class. Maybe even the third but it’s so long ago I can’t recall exactly. I’m going to try to reread the series in Spanish. πŸ˜…

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  8. Hi Cheila, I was out all of yesterday so missed out on my updates. But I am sorry to hear about this fraud incident. Take heart. All shall be well. It takes a bit of time but things pass. Which is a good thing for our sanity. You have a whole lot of fun waiting with the next few instalments of Harry Potter πŸ™‚ Those photographs are lovely. Sometimes you do not need to edit. Love xx

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  9. Hey Chelia! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Awesome Blogger Award on my blog! Come check out my most recent post. πŸ™‚ x

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  10. Love the flowers and unicorns or bag of shit scale for measuring how one’s day has gone. lol I’m going to have to remember that one! πŸ˜›
    So sorry to hear about that fraud incident. That’s horrible. I can’t blame you for being upset. I hope it all gets sorted out and taken care of. It’s such a shame that it was a trusted person who did it.
    How fantastic though that you are enjoying Harry Potter. πŸ˜€ I’m so glad! And I love the photos you posted. That monument is gorgeous and Rosa’s cute little face made me smile. πŸ™‚

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    • That monument has amazing history. One of our Portuguese writers wrote a book about the construction of the monument and won a literary noble prize. Also, the kind who was responsible for the construction was a little crazy and he wanted a really big bell, that was made in Germany, I think. The German guys told him he didn’t have money for it so he ordered four. (I think you can see it in the picture). Do you like my scale? The middle between the two is simply “meh” hahahaha. That fraud thing is probably end up being a good thing since the person must pay big bucks for it!! Sorry for the long post but now you know a bit of Portuguese History lol

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      • Oh, neat! Thank you for sharing the history behind the photograph! πŸ˜€ I love history, so that was very interesting to learn the story to it.
        Haha, “meh” is the perfect middle ground in that scale. πŸ˜›
        Glad to hear that person is going to pay for what they’ve done. It’s always good news when justice is served. πŸ™‚

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