Sunday funday with my farmer

Good afternoon y’all! Can I say this not being from Texas?

Anyway. It’s 3.19 p.m here. I slept until about 1, since I went to bed pretty late. Who am I kidding, I always sleep until lunch hour!

My dearest farmer is working away at our veggie garden, wearing Β a hat from a music festival. What a weird mix.

I’ve done a messenger video call with my mother and sister and now I intend to catch up on blogs. I really miss you guys, so no one can stop me!! It’s blog reading time!!!!

Then I might tidy up the house a bit. I have no idea how to people and a dog can make things so messy. I want 4/5 children, I will go crazy. If the two of us can produce so much dishes and laundry and the three of us can produce so much dust and hair (one more than the others) I cannot even imagine the mess created by 2 people, possibly more than one dog and five little people. Who am I kidding. What a dream!! I don’t mind washing 10 loads of laundry for the rest of my life, I just want my babies.

I’m going to cook something delicious for dinner (or at least try, things don’t always come out delicious!). I have some amazing leftover rice with seeds and green beans and peas and I think I might saute something called “pota” (which is something that looks like squids or cuttlefish) with some broccoli or Brussels sprouts. I will also make a big salad, as usual!!

I need to send some emails and to answer some texts, I’m not sure I’m doing it today or leaving it for tomorrow. I have to review our grocery budget. We still have plenty of things, the idea is not to buy anything before the 11th. I need to know how much we’ve spent already, because if we go over the budget we cannot eat after that. Kidding!! Just need to make sure to keep it under 150. That’s my challenge. For pay-day reasons we do our months from 23 to 23. I only have about 2 bananas and I was thinking about buying more, since I eat one every day, but maybe I will just put something else on my oatmeal, so I won’t buy anything. The product I use to clean my stove top (ceramic) is almost finished too, but I always put some water inside my products to make them last a little longer and to get every last drop. Yes I cut tubes of moisturizer and I will start doing the same with toothpaste and such. Would you like a post on how I save money (or try?) tell me in the comments, I have a few tricks.

Anyway, I will do a post on our grocery budget. What we ate in a month, how much we spent, the recipes we made, etc.

I will also do a beauty post, since several of my readers asked for one. I will show all of the products that I use for my body, hair, face and makeup. I will also show you the last things I bought and a Yves Rocher haul that I will do next week (I need a few things).

I’m sorry if this is rambly, but the blog is like my diary lol I love to share my daily life with you guys!

That’s it, I guess.

Maybe see you guys later to show you dinner?

Do you have movie suggestions for tonight? I would really appreciate them. We’re thinking of watching Magnolia or Babel. I haven’t watched them yet so.

See you soon. I hope you have the loveliest weekend!!

Kisses and Hugs for everybody.

Do you kiss friends in your country/culture? or just hug? shake hands? Tell me!!



57 thoughts on “Sunday funday with my farmer

  1. I am very economical too. I use the add-water-and-make-it-last-a-bit-longer πŸ˜‚ Squeezing the very last bit out of toothpaste and moisturizer tubes is a bit difficult but it’s kind of satisfying! 😁

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  2. Watch “Wolyn”. It’s the journey of a polish girl set during the world war 2. Pretty intense. and as for hugs/kisses, wellit depends how close one is. Hugs are pretty common. πŸ™‚

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  3. Or better still make the kids do the laundry πŸ˜› You could substitute bananas with berries in oatmeal. Just a thought. I often plop berries into a bowl of flavoured yogurt with nuts and seeds and boy it tastes like dessert. After those movies, if another day you want to watch something else, do watch ‘The Englishman Who Up the Hill and Came Down a Mountain’. It is one of my favourites πŸ™‚

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  4. Yeah, I think a money saving post would be cool too! πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to learn new things. Especially when those things help people save some money! lol πŸ˜›
    It varies person to person here if people kiss and hug their friends. I think people mostly do hugs here. It really varies person to person though. lol A lot of the times just a casual greeting gets the job done here. πŸ˜›

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  5. I think the grocery budget idea is great. We have so few people and such a huge expense with it. It seems ridiculous and I often wonder if everyone is the same or if we are just horrible consumers and glutons. πŸ˜‰

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    • In Portugal, it depends. If it’s a very formal situation you shake hands. More informal, women kiss, men and women kiss, men and men shake hands or hug


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