Hey guys!!

I’m sorry I was away today! I missed you!!

We left early and went to visit our uncle and aunt in a city called “Caldas da Rainha”, it’s about 45 minutes away! We had lunch with them and spent the whole afternoon talking. They’re 79 and 86 and they have amazing stories. They have lived so much. They lived in The United States for many years and I love to hear the stories of their American Dream. We have family in Connecticut and New York, actually.

We then went to the supermarket because I was out of face mask, hair mask and the product I use for my waves. Would you like to read a beauty post? What I use for my face and body, what makeup I wear? I could totally do that!! We then went to burger king for ice cream, cheat number one.

I came home, put on my new green clay mask (while the dog looked at me funny), washed some dishes and baked some brownies. They were not as good as last time. They were too fluffy and not sweet enough. I think they needed one more egg and one more cup of cocoa powder. I ate them anyway.

Now I’m going to catch up on some blogs (I really miss you guys) and then head off to bed, to cuddle with Mr. R, my sweet sweet boyfriend/fiance/husband!

See you tomorrow, I hope you are having an amazing weekend!!