Health for days journey – day 10 (update)

Hello dear friends,

I hope you had/are having a lovely day!

I know I had one.

I went on my 4 km walk, and survived. I even took pictures so you guys can see a bit of where we live!! It was tough going there because you’ve got to climb a little but very easy to come back because, well, you’re coming down! The sunshine was beautiful. I might not walk tomorrow but it was worth it.

I listened to music while going. Certain thoughts came to my mind. I was listening to Bruno Mars “grenade” and decided he is a masochist. Come on. He says “bad woman, bad woman, that’s just what you are, you smile to my face and rip the breaks out my car” or some variation of that. And then, he says he would still catch a grenade for her. What the actual fuck? I would totally catch the grenade and make the bitch swallow it!!! Come on. I’m sorry about the bad words but I was… mad. hahaha this is what I was thinking about while going. 4 km is a lot, I had a lot of time to think.

Let me show you the picks I took:P_20170331_160419P_20170331_170555P_20170331_170713P_20170331_170737P_20170331_170836P_20170331_171244P_20170331_171247P_20170331_172534P_20170331_172538

Please remember I’m not a photographer lol

What else did I do?

  • Picking up one load of laundry that is dry, fold it and put it away. It’ll take 10 minutes. (I worked for H&M, I fold quickly and professionally hahaha); – done! And washed one more!
  • Wash dishes from last night, not many. Put away dishes that were drying. Again, not many; – Done;
  • Vacuum living room; – Done;
  • Read Harry Potter and Hellie; – Didn’t have time to touch them yet!
  • Make dinner; – Dinner on the making! I put some chicken in the oven, seasoned with olive oil, garlic and oregano; Made some rice with green beans, seeds and peas and a salad (red cabbage, raw onion, sweet corn, cucumber, carrots and a tomato);
  • Read some blogs; – I haven’t, but I will now;
  • Work out! – I walked 4 km!

I obviously made my bed, tidied up the living room and kitchen and did a quick wipe on the bathroom.

Now I’m off to read some blogs, take a nice, hot shower, have dinner, watch a movie with Mr. honey and read a little.

Tomorrow we are going to visit his aunt and uncle in a place called Caldas da Rainha. It’s about 45 minutes from our home. It’ll be nice. I might not get a post in the morning, only later!!

Have an amazing night!!



23 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 10 (update)

  1. Lovely pics, Cheila. I think I’ll come over for dinner so make room at the table! Since you’ve had a productive day, I hope you have a restful evening. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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