Health for days journey – day 10

Good afternoon, dear blogging family!

It’s way into the afternoon here, at 3.27 p.m.

I woke up late and had a huge bowl of oatmeal for brunch! I’m about to go get my coffee and some fruit. I’m thinking kiwis!!

This post is coming later today because I decided that, since it’s the last day of the month, I should do a March wrap-up and a few goals for April. That post is published now, so I’m back to my series!

I don’t have that much to do today, honestly. Bedroom is airing, will make the bed soon.

The only things I should take care of are:

  • Picking up one load of laundry that is dry, fold it and put it away. It’ll take 10 minutes. (I worked for H&M, I fold quickly and professionally hahaha);
  • Wash dishes from last night, not many. Put away dishes that were drying. Again, not many;
  • Vacuum living room;
  • Read Harry Potter and Hellie;
  • Make dinner;
  • Read some blogs;
  • Work out!

That’s it. Only easy things that I love doing. I’m still deciding if I’m going for a walk or not. I can go to the end of my village and back, it’s 4 km. It would be amazing, in this beautiful sun. Should I go? I think so!!

I got to pick up some bread, I can use that as an excuse!!

See you later, my friends!!



15 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 10

  1. Oh the never ending chore that is washing the dishes! Seriously, some days I just ignore it and leave it be. Which is ridiculous, really. I live on my own. It’s max three to four dishes and yet I wait a day or two to do it..

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      • I haven’t had kiwi since I was in grade school I believe lol shame. I’ll have some soon!! And unfortunately I didn’t start reading this book I wanted to, but I did read some blogs and other online articles so I think that counts? I need to start putting things off even though I’m constantly trying to do different things at once. Im going to start this book right now! I’ll read a chapter and see how it’s going

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