Days of March – A monthly wrap-up

Today is the last day of March, which was a very different month for me. I though I’d do a post, thinking back of all the things that happened this month.

In March I:

  • Decided I would finally do something about my depression, shut down my business not knowing for how long, decided that I would stay home and just take care of myself, until I get better. This was one of the best decisions I have made in the last few years, as the stress of work and running a business was not giving me the space to heal;
  • Fell more and more in love with blogging, Got to 100 posts, celebrated getting 600 followers, had 11,850 views, 2,671 visitors, 5,205 likes, and 2,724 comments. This is huge for me because, two months ago, when I started this blog, I never thought someone would read it. I was wrong and I am now part of an amazing community;
  • I met incredible people, made great friends, with some I even exchange emails now and will start exchanging letters! (Is anyone else interested in that? I would love it. There’s nothing better than getting mail and letters are a beautiful form of communication);
  • I became aware that my best friends care about me and worry about me and that I should let them in, rely on them for support and be better at communication;
  • I discovered that I can eat well. I fell in love with oatmeal and seeds and cooking healthy. I no longer have my cereal addiction. I eat my fruits and veggies and cut sugar.
  • I discovered that I can exercise. I discovered beginners cardio and yoga and fell in love. I know now that I can be someone who works out and likes it.
  • I started to feel better, so much better. Better than I had in years. I still have my moments and I’m far from cured, but I don’t feel so sad it hurts every day.
  • I started to read again, slowly but surely.
  • I started to watch Breaking Bad, my love’s favorite show and I’m loving it;
  • I watched a few movies!
  • I had a doctor’s appointment where my doctor was happy about my evolution;
  • I talked to my mom on the phone almost every day;
  • I lost some weight (will only update you on day 20);
  • My back and knees no longer hurt, because I’m no longer sitting all day!
  • I spent so much time with Rosa, my lovely dog;
  • We celebrated 4 years together!
  • We celebrated father’s day, with my amazing stepdad!


In March, I’m grateful for:

  • The amazing man who I have in my life, who takes care of me and will do anything to help me and to see me happy; I love him more with each day.
  • My sweet mother-in-law, who often called me just to know how I was, if I was sleeping well, how my doctor’s appointment was, always there to hear me and to say she can relate and understand;
  • My amazing family. My stepdad who is always asking my mother about me, always worried, always saying he misses me. My mother, who is fierce and made sure to tell me that she is there, that I can’t count on her for anything and that she wants to be more present. She even offered to pay for my swimming fee, which is so nice of her. And my supportive sister, who is so strong and so loving and who think that I’m awesome and sees something in me that I can’t;
  • My best friends, who have been with me through thick and thin, for many many years;
  • My cute little house;
  • My lovely dog;
  • Hot showers;
  • Long hours in bed, just resting and sleeping well;
  • Yummy, yet healthy foods;
  • Yoga;
  • Lists;
  • Being nice to myself;
  • My online friends;
  • My blog;
  • The sun;
  • Harry Potter;
  • My simple, daily tasks, that keep me occupied and moving but never stressed out;
  • My new, amazing stove;
  • My old, not giving up, washing machine;
  • Fresh flowers;
  • The inspiration to write;
  • Oatmeal, seeds, nuts, coconut milk, avocados (although I hate them), veggies, bananas, cinnamon, honey, salads;


In April, I would like to:

  • Get out more, be in the sun, close to nature or in the city, explore new places, and take pictures;
  • Drink more water. I have been trying but I’m not quite there yet. I need 1,5 l a day and I never get that, always a little less;
  • Drink less milk. It’s fat-free and lactose-free but I’m having too much!
  • Watch more movies;
  • Read more and a little faster. I used to be a very fast reader. I mean, I still am, but I only read for about ten minutes a day, so the progress is slow; I would like to read for at least 30 minutes a day;
  • Go back to swimming. I love it so, so much!!
  • Take Rosa out on walks;
  • See my family and friends more often (guys, please remind me)
  • Spend quality time with Rui, pay more attention to him. Life gets in the way but I miss him;
  • Wear Spring clothes;
  • Keep losing weight;
  • Working out more consistently. I have been doing it a few times a week, I would like to do it every day. 15 minutes of cardio, followed by 20 minutes of yoga. When I don’t do that, 45 minutes of swimming. I don’t want to force myself into doing too much, and I think this is light enough for me. But I need it. I’ve been sitting for long hours for many years and my back and knees and circulation suffered a lot. The warm weather is coming and I have really bad fluid retention issues. My feet and ankles and legs get extremely swollen and painful. I would love to be able to avoid that this year!
  • Spend Easter with my in-laws and do a second Easter with my side of the family!
  • Celebrate two of my best friend’s birthdays!
  • Go to my therapist. I haven’t been there this month!
  • Go to my psychiatrist’s appointment on the 20th;
  • Do some Spring cleaning (Mr.R’s t-shirts, I’m coming for you);
  • Just keep being in a good mood and feeling better!


In April, for my blog, I would like to:

  • Meet more of my readers! I know some people are shy, but I would love to talk to you guys, get to know you better, become friends;
  • Find new amazing blogs and make more friends!!
  • Keep writing every day. My health for days journey will continue!
  • Offer new content such as: More fun and interactive posts; Tips or informative posts, I know a few things I could share; House tour; Maybe some recipes; What I eat in a day; (I would love some new ideas. Would you like to suggest something? My comment section is always open for you!)


I hope March was good to you and that April turns out to be a super happy month!!

What are you thankful for in March? (Come on, give me 3 things)

What do you want to accomplish in April? (Come on, let’s make plans together and motivate each other. I might compile everyone’s 3 plans on a post and then see how we all did, would that be fun?)




66 thoughts on “Days of March – A monthly wrap-up

  1. Hey, I am not following your blog that closely as some of your readers, but I am really glad for all the progress you made since you started this blog! Just keep going, you’re on amazing journey, and reading all this is really inspiring.

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  2. My goal is not to get to down about suddenly being single, planned lots but also, need to allow myself some quiet time perhaps a massage 🙂 Also booked a trial yoga session for next week. Good luck with your April goals.

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  3. Lovely post! 🙂 It’s always nice to stop and think of the things you’re thankful for. 🙂 Since you asked for what 3 things we’re all thankful for this March here are 3 of mine:

    1.) I’m thankful for all the support I got during my big writing challenge. It made me happy and encouraged me to push myself. It’s important to have dreams, so for people to support your pursuit of those dreams, well, it just feels amazing. 🙂

    2.) I was really thankful to get power back after going 48 hours without it after those crazy wind storms hit my home state and left some people without power for a full week or more. Especially because I was so sick at the time. It was nice to have heat again. lol

    3.) I’m thankful for my parents. They’re just amazing people with big hearts. I’m always thankful for them. ❤

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  4. It’s so awesome to see how much progress you’ve made already in not that much time! I bet April is going to do so much more for you health wise! I definitely can’t wait to follow along further! 🙂

    Okay, let’s do this. Three things I’m thankful for: I was finally able to read more again this month and get myself out of my reading slump! I only read two books in February and even though I really, really like them I wasn’t happy with what I managed to read. This month I read a total of FIVE books! GO ME.

    The second thing would be spending a lot of time with my nephews! I recently stayed at my sister’s for two nights and it was AWESOME. My cousin had come into town to spend a few days with us, so I joined them too! It was pretty awesome and I got to talk to her about some stuff that had happened the month before and a bit about my own health, etc. It was nice letting all of that out and not be met with doubt or anything like that!

    And the last thing I’m thankful for is THE SUNSHINE and WARMER TEMPERATURES. The winter months are horrible and I hate that it’s dark so much! I’ve noticeable been in a better mood these past few weeks due to more daylight and more recently the sunshine! Today is a GREAT sunny day with 20°C weather and I enjoyed it all while out grocery shopping! I also finally stocked up on some more fruits and salad stuff! I am excited to eat all of that!

    As far as plans for April go, I need to stop by my doctor on Monday and get myself checked. I’ve been feeling like I’m constantly inhaling smoke (which is ridiculous since a) I don’t smoke and b) live by myself so no one is actually smoking around me either) and wanting to get it checked today, but my doctor’s office was closed. So, yeah. I also need to talk to her about medication and how we’re going to continue with different things. Should be interesting.

    You also kind of inspired me to make more of a budget plan and look at where my money goes, because I swear it just disappears sometimes. xD And that’s just no good really.

    And lastly, I want to get outside more. I’ve had this idea in my head more often recently because I honestly tend to just sit inside my apartment and not do anything 98% of the day. I might walk to parents (which is about 2km from where I live) but that is the only thing I really do fitness wise and it’s getting bad. I can actually feel myself have less strength than I used to even though I didn’t work out back then either. But yeah, that needs to be worked on. What are some videos you enjoy working out to?

    Holy shit. That is one long ass comment! I am so sorry. But I tend to be rather rambly and chatty sometimes!

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    • You’re not rambly at all, you know I love talking to you. Seems like March was good to you. You have nice goals for April. I love that you’re thinking about taking better care of yourself!!

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  5. So happy you’re making great progress with your endeavors, and that you’re taking care of yourself. Because I suffer with anxiety and depression because of numerous and varied chronic issues that doctors haven’t been able to help with, I’m determined to make sure that I seek out the good things that are in my life, each and every day, so that I focus more on my blessings than on the disappointments.
    I love writing and receiving letters too!! It’s getting to be a lost art today.
    All the best to you!! I intend to answer your questions for new subscribers, but I’ve been very busy. I will try to get to it eventually though.

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  6. I can’t believe we’re already done with the 3rd month! This post had a lot of inspiration and ideas. I’d love to see recipes and what you eat in a day, house tour. Sounds nice! 3 things I was thankful for this month, celebrating my bday another year, getting approved on first apartment, and that I’ve been feeling a lot happier this month.
    In April I want to start my new blog series, I have a few ideas in mind I’m still working on, start eating and cooking healthy meals, blog more and revamp my blog page theme. I also want to work on becoming more organized and starting lists/planner. I want to begin my YouTube videos and I’ve already decided that my first channel will be animal themed showing mainly my guinea pigs and cat with facts and important information. From there if I like it I will work up to a personal YouTube channel doing my poetry and whatever else☺️

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  7. So excited for you, Cheila! 💜 love being a witness to your journey!
    For me, 3 things I’m thankful for this month:
    1. Gaining more clarity about the who/what/why/how of my future business!
    2. Wildflowers! I love watching the progress during spring – it seems like each week a new wildflower makes itself known to the world and I’m so glad I’m present enough to see it!
    3. My self-love practice which has blossomed so beautifully. I’ve totally noticed a difference in the way I’ve been showing up in the world because of it!

    Plans for April? Network more. Connect more. Meditate and journal more. Do my first boudoir shoot for my boyfriend (our 4 yr anniversary is coming up!). Take out the camera for the first time in months! Get new painting supplies and canvas. Blog more – specifically about more of the things that are close to my heart – Numerology, astrology, tarot and runes, spiritual significance of the menstrual Cycle, etc! And above all, more presence. 🙂

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    • Wow, I love to see you with so many plans. I get to be a witness to your journey as well. It’s a pleasure. I would love to read more from you!! Post whatever you like and I will be there ♡

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  8. So much positivity and progress! Well done love! Keep this place and I have no doubt you will crush all your goals for April ❤️🙏🏻. Your journey is inspiring and we are all blessed that you share it! Can’t wait to see what April brings!

    PS. I love written letters and cards! Totally on board with that

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  9. “Do some Spring cleaning (Mr.R’s t-shirts, I’m coming for you)”

    …i hear that! Don’t touch my Ornatos Violeta and ISEC t-shirts or…(you should be terrified after these dot dot dot)


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  10. In March, I am thankful for:

    A caring supportive family who are always there for me
    My studies are going well
    I am still alive and here

    In April I hope:

    I can start looosing weight
    I can be more happier
    I can be more appreciative

    I really liked this post as it was more reflective and personal xx

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  11. Oooo! So 3 things I was thankful for from March. 1) that I didn’t die during my two and a half hour commute the day it snowed and the streets weren’t plowed. My usual commute is 45-60mins. 2) I made the decision to apply for grad school and I’m sticking to it! Just have to write up my statement of purpose and fill out a sheet to send to my references. 3) Started to work out! (Kinda…)
    And 3 goals for April. 1) actually apply to grad school and fill out the financial aid application. I’m not made of money! 😂 2) continue to work out and make healthier food choices 3) enjoy the spring while it’s here! It’s my favorite season!


  12. Best wishes to you. I’m glad you’re feeling much better and everything seems to be coming together nicely for you. Take those walks with Rosa, nothing’s better than fresh air, new explorations, to boost one’s mood. And maybe those walks will help your thirst for water. 😉 All the best.

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  13. Sounds like you’ve been doing brilliantly, and it’s wonderful to hear you’ve been feeling a little better! Baby steps, and I think that breaking things down the way you have in to more manageable goals is helpful, as well as looking at all the things you’re grateful for. I need work on stressing less in April (my goal for March wasn’t so successful…) and I’ll join you in the target of getting out more and being around nature and appreciating the outdoors. Just got to hope for some better weather than we’ve currently had in this part of the cold and dreary UK. All the best with this month’s hopes and goals, I know you can smash them! x

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