Health for days journey – day 9

Hey there my friends,

How are you? Everything okay? If not, you can totally vent on my comment section!

I’m great. I slept about 12 hours, as usual, which I’m letting myself do because I am medicated and because I am allowing my body to rest as much as it wants and asks for. I woke up at about 1 p.m. I’m now having my brunch, my regular oatmeal, plus an apple and a small orange. Later for a snack I might have just a salad, to put some greens inside me, since I’m not having a regular lunch!

I think we have a leak in our water heater, I could smell gas when I tried to turn it on. I turned everything off and Mr. R will take a look when he gets home.

Yesterday I did clean the shower, with bleach. I read a few pages of Harry Potter and a few pages of my friend’s book. I’m about half way in both. I did not do my workout nor my yoga because I was feeling so tired from deep cleaning my room and doing so many things.

Before I go on about my daily to-dos, I would like to tell you how things have improved in just 9 days!

  1. Since I’m not sitting for 12 hours (on the contrary, I move a lot doing my house chores) my knee pain and back pain are gone. I have a little pain after making my bed or bending to do something but that’s just because I have a bad back, can’t do anything about it. I mean I can, I can swim and get massages. I will take care of doing that soon;
  2. I have no cravings and I don’t feel hungry during the day. I eat because I know it’s meal time, but I have no compulsions; (I mean I had a bad of popcorn yesterday but I need to blame a certain friend of mine, Cathy, for always talking about popcorn. She’s an addict and she’s making me one.
  3. I’ve been sleeping well, with minimal dreams;
  4. I have been feeling in a great mood, I would even say happy. Which I haven’t felt in a long time. Without the work stress, the happy pills have space to make me better!
  5. TMI (#queenofTMI) My poop. OMG, my bowels are so so happy. I used to suffer from either constipation or constant diarrhea, sometimes on the same day. I always felt like I needed to go to the bathroom, several times I day and I was super bloated. Now I go once a day, sometimes twice but I do a normal, healthy poop.

Pretty good right. I also think I’m starting to lose weight, haven’t properly checked but I think so. Now, as usual, let me bore you with my plans for this beautiful day:

  • Not die of gas intoxication;
  • Make my bed (right now is airing, with both windows open. Later I will make the bed, close the windows and turn on the damn dehumidifier #oldcountryhouseishumid);
  • Fold two loads of laundry and put it away, along with the ones I folded yesterday;
  • I have a load on the machine, so I need to hang that one;
  • Wash the few dishes that are to wash (maybe I will wait on that because no hot water);
  • Do my workout or my yoga or both; Come on, they’re like 15 minutes each!
  • Read the two books I’m currently reading;
  • Read a few blogs!
  • Wash, cut and freeze out turnip harvest!

That’s it!!

Because several families asked, I’m writing a post with studying tips and times on organizing your time as a working student. I’m no expert but as a teacher and student and someone who has been combining full-time work with university for several years, I might have something to say that can be helpful to some people. The post will be up soon.

See you later.




15 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 9

  1. Great progress! It’s also great that you basically document it all telling everything you’re doing or plan to do, then others can try and see if they get good results as well. I’m trying to get an exercise/yoga schedule planned and writing down recipes for healthy eating that I’d like to try, hopefully I’ll start feeling better as well.

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