Good evening guys,

How was your day? If it’s still day time for you, how is it going? I hope all is well.

My day was sunny and good and I feel really great.

Let’s see what I was up to:

  • I already have one load of laundry on the line, drying, and another one washing right now. You guys must think, “how do they have so much laundry?”. Let me tell you, I make the same question every day. We obviously change clothes every day, we use towels, kitchen towels, sheets… I don’t where it all comes from, but it’s here so thank God I like doing laundry. Folding is a different story but such is life! I have about two more loads to do and the Everest to fold; – Folded two loads, have two loads drying and washed the kitchen and bathroom rugs;
  • I need to really clean that shower. Deep clean it. The shower the tiles, the door. I’m gonna bleach it. It tends to get soapy and moldy and I hate it; – have to do it tonight, in a little bit!
  • I need to clean the bedroom. Dust is not good for us; I also need to make the bed, air my bedroom and then turn on the dehumidifier. – All done. I even cleaned the windows and mopped and cleaned some walls that were getting humidity! I really deep cleaned the bedroom;
  • I need to vacuum and clean all floors. – nope, only bedroom;
  • I have texts and calls and emails to send and answer; – Made on call and talked to my mama on the phone!
  • I need to make a study plan for my Italian. I have a test on April 4. – nope;
  • Wash dishes from last night; – washed, as well as dishes from making dinner. Only have like two plates to wash;
  • Cook dinner; – I cooked dinner, some pork with past and veggies (Chinese mix) with coconut milk. It was the first time I cooked using coconut milk, instead of cream. It was delicious. I also made a salad with lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, olives, sweet corn. I made enough for a few more salads and have everything cut and stored in the fridge;
  • Do my Popsugar fitness workout and my yoga routine! – Now is the time!

Since many of you said you would like to see some pictures, I will share some today!!

Healthy dinner
Afternoon snack – some toast, lemon tea and an apple
The view from one of my bedroom windows
Some more of the view
Mah tree
Laundry happily drying in the sun!! And you get to see my pink pj’s

That’s it for today loves!!

See you tomorrow!!