Health for days journey – day 6 (update)

Hello once again,

I come for my health for days daily update. Don’t expect much today, it’s definitely not my day.

I haven’t eaten much. I made a Russian salad for dinner and that’s the only thing I ate after lunch, followed by a smoothie.

What did I manage to do?

  • Wash a ton of dishes from the weekend with our brother and sister; – done;
  • Put away all blankets and the extra mattress and pillows and the whole thing, one kid slept on the couch and the other on one of our extra mattresses. They each used like 3 blankets because the living room (and the whole house) is really cold. The dog is currently taking a nap on those blankets; – done;
  • The kitchen and living room need to be cleaned. Dust and floors, etc. – cleaned the whole living room;
  • The bathroom needs to be cleaned because Rui gave Rosa a bath and there’s hair everywhere!
  • I need to cook something for dinner; – Russian salad (boiled potatoes, green beans, beans, red bell peppers, carrots, olives, tuna, red cabbage)
  • I need to update our grocery budget;
  • I desperately need a shower because I haven’t taken one since Friday night (real life) and need to shave and exfoliate and put a mask on my hair and face.
  • There’s already laundry accumulating! How?? I had everything under control on like, Thursday!
  • There’s laundry to fold too!
  • I need to create my studying schedule, and dig into it fast. Exams are in July and I need to start studying like there’s no tomorrow!!!
  • I need to make a few calls and answer a few text messages;
  • I need to change my bed sheets and make the bed;

That’s it. Today was not a good day. I’m off to bed super early. xo


15 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 6 (update)

  1. Aww sorry today wasn’t great 🙁 hopefully tomorrow is better! I have to say, when you were saying you were going to put away the blankets I thought you were going to say you built a blanket fort over the weekend 😂

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