Health for days journey – day 5

I’m sorry I’m posting this so late, friends…

It’s 3.19 p.m here. I woke up late. I mean, I woke up early, made some oatmeal for me and Rui and then went back to bed because I had a huge headache. Apparently, when You haven’t eaten McDonald’s and “brigadeiro” pie in a long time, you get and upset tummy and a huge headache. Not just me, honey wasn’t feeling so good either. I ended up not reading and not doing any yoga because of it. We watched A Few Good Men, which I loved and Top Gun, which I barely looked at, because I thought it was too loud and kind of boring (sorry if you like it). Tom Cruise was a baby in both, which is so strange. Besides, how can that guy be only six years younger than Tom Hanks. They could play father and son. I mean…

Today I’m back at being good. I had a good breakfast, two big glasses of water in the morning and now I’m here, just after eating lunch. I had 3 small pieces of toast (shared with dog), an apple, some yogurt and my lemon tea.

What do I want to get done today? (must or should are not part of my vocabulary right now, as I’m being nice to myself and doing just what I feel like)

  • Make my bed;
  • Turn on the dehumidifier in the bedroom;
  • Force Mr. R to vacuum the living room floor, maybe the bedroom;
  • Call my landlord and say I’m living the office (oh my, I’m really nervous for this one. I hate talking on the phone, and I hate delivering “bad news”. My anxiety is kicking hard right now!!);
  • Hang three loads of laundry in my garage. It keeps raining but I don’t want to wait to do any washing;
  • Wash dishes from yesterday and today’s breakfast and lunch (there aren’t many, since we ate McDonald’s, but I want every thing to be organized);
  • Confirm my psychiatrist’s appointment for tomorrow at 9 a.m
  • Tell Rui that he needs to go by the shop and bring (bread, bananas, tangerines or oranges, milk, chicken breasts, and I think that’s all);
  • Go to the cinema tonight! Yay! (need to shower and get ready before dinner)
  • Cook dinner;
  • Bathe the dog. It’s the 24th, is bath day. Or was it on the 23rd? Anyway, she’s getting washed after daddy gets home;
  • Try that new Popsugar Fitness workout;
  • Read some Harry Potter and Hellie (I actually read yesterday but only about 5 pages, so it doesn’t even count);
  • Confirm the few classes I’m teaching next week. Only 4 hours!
  • Do my yoga tonight!
  • See where I am at and organize my studies. I’m not attending uni, but I’m enrolled so I’m basically homeschooling myself, which I have done many times. I just need to get on track! (I might not get to this today, but if  I write it here, there’s no forgetting;
  • Get started on the 11 or twelve Awards I’m nominated for (what???);
  • Read some blogs!

This is my list people. I’m not sure I’ll get much done, since I am starting late. They are pretty simple things so I might get lucky and do all of them. Or not. No pressure on myself at all.

See you later for an update.



17 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 5

  1. I love A Few Good Men and Top Gun! They are in my list of Must-Sees. But I do understand some of the boredom of Top Gun, although I can never take my eyes off the screen during the volleyball scene. 😍 I love these posts you do, so unique!

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  2. Wow congrats on all the awards! You’ve got a lot to do lol but I know you don’t mind and you’ll enjoy it. Going to the movies tonight?? What are you seeing?

    Liked by 1 person

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