Good morning (well it’s past twelve but..) dear friends,

How are you today? Happy because tomorrow is Friday? (Do you work weekends?)

I would like to report that I have managed to do my yoga last night before bed, so I’ve been really good and have been doing it for many days and loving it more and more. I also managed to watch an episode or breaking bad with mah man. I’m actually loving it.

I’ve had my oatmeal for breakfast. I didn’t feel like coffee at the time, I think I’m going to make myself a cup now, and get a big glass of water. (I actually got up and did this, spilled the coffee on my microwave plate, need to wash it, ha!)

Coffee in hand, let’s see what I would like to do today:

  • Try a new workout. Zumba for days. But easy. I have two left feet and my coordination never kicked in, since I was a baby.
  • Wash dishes from dinner and from breakfast (and lunch, I will certainly get some dirty)
  • Dry and put away dishes from yesterday.
  • Organize my home office. Yesterday I picked up a bunch of things around the house that were in the wrong place and being sooo organized I dumped them all on my desk and closed the door.
  • Cook something delicious for our anniversary dinner.
  • Maybe do some dessert. Am I allowed to have dessert today?
  • Make my bed;
  • Open my bedroom windows for a while, then close them and turn on the dehumidifier. (We are having humidity issues)
  • Beg Mr. R to vacuum the living room because I hate doing it.
  • Do my Yoga.
  • Read some Harry Potter and Hellie (my friend’s novel)
  • Call my uncle and make sure we still have lunch plans for Saturday (I’m going to meet is new girlfriend whose name is…. Rosa. That should be funny)
  • Confirm that my mom is coming with us to my doctor’s appointment on Saturday morning. She wants to go this time. Poor doctor.
  • Confirm that my sister’s boyfriend is coming to stay with us this weekend. My sister and Rui’s brother are coming and maybe my sister’s boyfriend too. We have the kids this weekend haha! Rui says he’s going to make them work in the vegetable garden.
  • Watch a movie.
  • See what we need to buy for the kids to eat during the weekend (They’re 19, 19 and 21) but for us they are the kids.
  • Read some blogs (I follow so many people but I make sure I’m present.
  • Work on some Awards. No joke I’m nominated for 10 at the moment, and they take time so… maybe you’ll have to endure two or three today. Sorry.


Some thoughts:

Why do I have almost 600 followers and only about 100 people read my posts? Is this normal? Does it happen to you guys? Why do people follow and then don’t read? Am I doing something wrong?

If you follow and read but never left a comment, please leave a comment today, introducing yourself and calling my attention to your blog, okay?

Have a wonderful day, my friends. See you later.