Someone (maybe more than one person) asked if I would share my dietary changes on the blog and of course I will!! I decided to write a post, sharing my new food choices and meals with you. Let’s get to it.

Introducing nuts and seeds:

This is something I would not buy or care to eat at all before. I would just simply ignore them. Now, I’m adding them to my diet, because I’ve learned how important they are.

  • For nuts I bought this mix, which contains: Almonds, dark chocolate covered peanuts, peanuts and cashews. I will eat this as a snack, mid morning or afternoon. Just a handful of them. They are quite satisfying!
  • For seeds I bought chia and then a mix which contains: golden flaxseed, brown flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds. I will add them to salads, food in general, yogurt, but mainly I will eat them for breakfast, with oatmeal (also a new addition);

Introducing oats:

  • I will start having oatmeal for breakfast, instead of bread which is what I usually have. I stayed away from oatmeal for many years because I felt like it didn’t have any taste. Well, let me tell you that made with some milk, adding honey, a banana, some seeds and cinnamon… It’s amazing!! And good for me. How can that be?!

Drinking lots of water:

  • Well, this is one goes without saying. We should all drink more water. I’m going for 1,5 l a day in the form of simple water or my lemon tea, which I sweeten with either honey or stevia.

Eating all the veggies:

  • I do usually eat plenty of veggies, but now I’m trying to increase the amount to make sure I go through my five portions every single day. I either add them to meals or eat a salad as a side. I use a lot of frozen veggies, they are so cheap and easy. I usually buy green beans, peas, Brussels sprouts, Asian mix and Mediterranean mix. For salads I usually use two types of lettuce (my favorite is iceberg), red cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and sweet corn.
  • We will start having things from the garden soon such as broccoli, peppers, cabbage and a few other things.
  • We buy potatoes and carrots and onions buy the pound.


  • Thankfully we both love fruit and go through a lot of fruit each week. We try to buy fruits that are in season. Right now we have two kinds of apples, tangerines, kiwis, pears and bananas. I also love grapes and mangoes and berries but they are way too expensive, usually.
  • In the Summer we eat strawberries, watermelon, nectarines, plums, peaches and apricots. I can’t wait for them to star showing up at the supermarket!!

Whole grains:

  • We usually eat whole wheat bread, but the one you buy in the bag, which has sugar and salt and fat. Thankfully, we have amazing bread in Portugal, so I will switch to real whole wheat bread, locally made.
  • I also want to switch to whole grain pasta and brown rice but first I need to go through the past and rice I have now, as I don’t want to waste any food. When we finish them, I will only buy whole grain. (Rui hates brown rice, so this should be funny)


  • I always drink milk with my coffee. My favorite is Skimmed and lactose free but it’s way too expensive, so I gave up the lactose free part and have been drinking skimmed milk.
  • The last time I bought butter, which is not butter it’s a vegetable spread, I decided to buy fat-free, so that is covered. I don’t even notice a difference.
  • For cheese, we usually buy Portuguese cheese. I haven’t checked to say if it’s too fat, but I will today. If it is, I will by the fat-free version.
  • For yogurt, I’m thinking about buying plain Greek yogurt for smoothies (which will have a banana, some oats, seeds, yogurt and spinach) but for a snack I eat regular yogurt. I know it has sugar but it’s small and it only has 100 cal. I also don’t eat them every day.
  • I tend to cook using cream (mainly for pasta)but I will put an end to that. There soy substitutes that are not as fat and are a great way to add soy to my diet (good for depression).

Meat and fish:

  • We are not very bad in this department as we buy mostly turkey and chicken, with the occasional pork and beef, always grilled. I will, nevertheless, try to substitute some of my meat for beans (which I don’t like, but am willing to eat because they are so healthy).
  • As for fish, we usually eat some tuna (canned in water), codfish and very rarely salmon. I need to increase the amount of fish I eat. More salmon, maybe some sardines and other different options!! Fish is really good for you, so I will try to eat as much as I can during the week. Maybe 4 times fish and 3 times meat? That would be a good idea. Or do 4 times fish, twice meat and a meatless day, with bean or lentils or something of the sort.

Lunch meats:

  • I eat regular ham, something called “chourição” which I don’t know how to translate (google it to see pictures) and baloney. I will quit the baloney because I learned it’s bad for people who have gastritis.  I might quit the chourição too because it is really fat. Then I’ll switch to some lean version of ham and keep eating it in sandwiches.

Other foods:

  • I have quit my cereal. They will be a weekend treat now. Not a daily meal. I haven’t had them in over a week. I crave them but ignore it.
  • I will eat eggs as I usually do, maybe I will start eating them for breakfast sometimes.
  • I will have only one cup of coffee a day, because it hurts my stomach because of the gastritis. If I want more, I will allow myself one decaf, but just one, as it’s not very good for you.
  • I quit cookies and candy, they will only be a part of my diet occasionally. I will leave them for when I have my period and crave chocolate, for when I go to the cinema (popcorn) or for parties or special occasions.
  • I quit soda as well. I love coca-cola. I might allow myself to have a can a week.Or leave it for special occasions.
  • I quit juice as well, as I am running away from sugar. I will make an exception for 100% orange or apple juice sometimes, for breakfast but not with my meals.
  • I will keep drinking tea, with honey or stevia, never sugar.


I guess I covered everything guys? Did I? Please tell me if I’ve forgotten some food groups or foods in particular that you would like to know about. I intend on sharing “what I ate today” posts and recipes. Would you like that?

I would love tips and comments about your own diet in the comment session. Please tell me, what do you eat? Are you a healthy eater? What are your bad food choices? What can’t you stay away from?

I hope you like this post!!

(Monica from One way to health, tell me if I’m eating right, girl!)

Love you guys!


(Featured image is from my boyfriend’s veggie garden, taken by him)