Health for days journey – day 3 (update)

Hey guys,

Would you like to know how day 3 went?

What I ate:

  • As you already know I got up late and had oatmeal and some yogurt for brunch;
  • For my afternoon snack I had two pieces of toast, some cheese and two tangerines.
  • Later, at about seven, I had some lemon tea.
  • For dinner I had leftover pasta (a small plate) and an apple.

What I managed to do:

  • I haven’t made my bed yet, need to get to it. – done;
  • Open my bedrooms windows to air. – done;
  • Pick up the living room a little, there’s always things that are not supposed to be there. – done, even manage to clean the couch a little, there’s always dog hair;
  • Do dishes and dry them and put them away. – done;
  • Do a load of laundry because my bitch dog (not literally) pulled a few things from the line and dragged them all over the dirty floor. And then it rained. You get the picture. – Not done, it rained;
  • Bathroom needs to be cleaned, so I’ll probably get to that. – I deep cleaned the bathroom and rearranged the whole thing to get more space. Rui got home and said the bathroom looks new. I also managed to talk to my mom on the phone while doing it (multitasking);
  • I will read a little. – Didn’t have the time yet, spent too much time cleaning kitchen and bathroom and reading blogs;
  • I would like to watch a movie. Any recommendations? – Just finished watching “Deepwater Horizon”;
  • I will try a new workout. I think Zumba again, but specifically for beginners. – didn’t get to it;
  • Read a few blogs! – I read many blog posts, I spent about 2 and a half hours doing it;

I’m still hoping to do the dishes from dinner, do my yoga and take a shower. I will probably read a little Harry Potter too, before bed!

How was your day? Did you manage to accomplish many things?

See you tomorrow.



18 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day 3 (update)

  1. Woohoo! Glad you were able to get so much done! My day was pretty eventful. I met a coworker’s baby, got free socks, and did a Starbucks run with my sister this morning! And then I did actual work stuff. 😂

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  2. Productive days make you feel like a well-charged battery, no? 🙂 Mine was not bad too. I got some writing and album making done apart from getting groceries, running and cooking meals (dinner and Adi’s lunch). Time now to slide into bed 🙂

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  3. Go girl! Your days have been so productive! Mine was so less productive, I went to class, wrote a blog post, and then played guitar for hours. Totally neglected my homework and my chores. I need to start being more productive with my time!

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  4. Keep eating healthy and you will be more happy, its a proven fact.

    Would love to hear your thoughts sometime at Gastradamus. My blog is gaining momentum and we need all the voice we can handle

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  5. That sounds like a very productive day! Well for yesterday I was at school and then I came back home, did some work, had dinner and watched tv for a bit! Tonight I’ve got homework to do and then I’m going to McDonald’s for dinner! Yay 😊

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