Health for days journey – day two (Update)

Hey friends,

How are you all doing?

I’m sitting on the floor of my living room, with my space heater, watching an episode of The Walking Dead with the mister. We’ve just ate dinner. Not a very healthy one, but I had to keep up with what was on the meal plan. We ate past with cheese, ham, sweet corn, olives, mushrooms and cream. I didn’t eat much, though.

As I told you I only ate two apples for my breakfast and then ate lunch and nothing else since. I ate the same as yesterday: rice with tuna, broccoli and sweet corn.

I spent my day catching up on blogs and taught 3 and a half hours of class. A very calm day.

After the episode I’m going to watch the episode and then do my yoga routine, just before bed.

I ended up not reading today, just because I read so many blog posts (I follow many people).

I feel good. I’m taking things easy and being good, taking care of myself.

I will hopefully sleep well tonight.

That’s it for my update!!

Do you guys like to read this? I noticed less visits today! Tell me if it’s too boring!












23 thoughts on “Health for days journey – day two (Update)

  1. Never too boring,😊 just a nice update and document not only to your readers but yourself of what you did and what you’re trying to accomplish during your journey or planning

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  2. It’s not boring at all, it’s really encouraging to hear how you’re doing Cheila! Did you manage to sleep well in the end? Sounds like a productive yet peaceful day. You’ve inspired me to think a little more about my evening routine and perhaps introducing some stretching or yoga before bed. Just don’t skimp out on food too much, your body needs it to keep you strong and well 🙂

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