Good morning dear friends,

It’s 07.55 a.m and I couldn’t sleep. That’s okay. I’m home, so I have plenty of time to take a nap later. I already had breakfast, made my list of to-dos for the day and now I’m about to write a very important post.

I told you I was going to leave work for a while and take care of myself, but I didn’t give you any details on what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks/months. Today I want to give you a general plan, so you know what I’m doing to improve my health and well-being.

Before anything else, I’m going to need to talk to my landlord and tell him that we are terminating my contract. I do not look forward to that conversation.

Then, I’m going to talk to my students and tell them I will no longer be able to teach them. I don’t look forward to that either. It kind of breaks my heart. But me first, right? Just for now.

Some of them have a few hours paid in advance so we need to decide what to do about that.

But this is today/over the next few days.

What’s going to happen in general?

Dietary changes:

  • I will do some research today and come up with a diet plan that is suited for people with depression, taking into account my weight issues and stomach problems. After that I will outline a meal plan/shopping list that meets my needs. My goal for this period is put as many nutrients into my body as possible, change my bad habits and lose excess weight.
  • The weight loss will certainly help my depression and anxiety in many ways, as I will feel and be healthier, more confident and will suffer less from stomach, back and knee issues.
  • I will also increase my water intake, which is so low this time of year.



  • I will try to do something every day, even if it’s just a short walk. I will certainly swim when I go to the city, do some YouTube videos (random, I think, but mainly yoga, Pilates and Zumba) and just try to keep moving, even if it’s just doing chores at home.



  • I will try to establish a good sleeping schedule, going to bed early and getting up early too. I will rest as much as possible, allowing myself a little more than eight hours a night and occasional naps. The goal is to be 100% rested and revitalized when I get back to work.

Happiness plan:

  • Rui and I established that I’m supposed to do as many of my favorite things during this period as possible, in order to switch my brain to happy and satisfied. That sad I will: Do crochet (I have a blanket I’m working on); read as many books as I can (I miss it so much); sing and listen to music; watch movies and series; get lost in some of those adult coloring books; meet my family and friends often; blog;
  • I will also try to get out in the sun a little every day because I’m usually inside all day and I need to catch some air and get my vitamin D levels up;


  • We are trying an approach where I will work ten hours a week, going to the students’ houses. It’s just two pairs of 10th grade siblings who need help with English and Portuguese. This was not a part of the initial plan, as I was supposed not to work at all, but I convinced Rui to let me work this ten hours. He’s not very happy about it, but I think, since he wanted me to focus only on myself and not about work, but the money is good and I’m more relaxed if I know I’m bringing in a part-time income, along with no longer having the office rent (which is quite expensive, almost as expensive as our house rent);


  • I only need to do three courses and then I finish my degree. I will, obviously not put this aside. I’m not sure I will be going to class, but I will be going in for tests, exams and presentations as well as do all of the assignments and readings;


  • I will happily take care of ALL housework during this period, as Mr. R is taking care of almost 100% of the expenses. I love cleaning and doing laundry and dishes and cooking, so I will be more than fine with this. I even consider chores a workout.

Doctor’s appointments:

  • I will have a psychiatrist’s appointment once a month and a weekly therapist’s appointment. We are also going to ask for some exams, which I think my doctor’s should have ordered a long time ago, but haven’t. Just to rule out other health problems and to make sure I’m getting the best care;
  • I will continue to take my medication every day, hoping it will be less and less with time. (I currently take 8 pills a day);


  • I’ll keep blogging every day as I usually do, so you guys can follow my journey and hopefully feel inspired to take care of yourselves as well.

General care:

  • I will try to be nicer to my body in general and take better car of my hair, skin and nails, that have been neglected for a long time! #moiturizerisyourfriend #whyamiusinghashtags?

I’m happy with where I’m at with my plans, and will do every possible thing in order to heal and get better. I will have the support of my loving, perfect husband (we are technically married anyway) and my dear friends and family. This should be fun!!

Today’s to-dos:

  1. Talk to my students: Ery, Raphael, Sofia, Milene, LaΓ­s, Catarina, Ana, Filipa, Gustavo, LuΓ­s, Welton, Carla, AntΓ³nio, Isabel;
  2. Research dietary changes;
  3. Cut hair; do a mask;
  4. Talk to x about guest post;
  5. Make waxing appointment for tomorrow (have gynecologist’s appointment on Wednesday and don’t want him having problems finding anything #queenofTMI);
  6. Update “getting my shit together list”
  7. Get to know 5 blogs and bloggers better. Dive into their blogs, read some articles, comment, like, support. I want my readers to know I’m their reader too.
  8. Fold and put away laundry;
  9. Change bed sheets;
  10. Wash blankets from sofa (dog hair for days, that should have been the name of this blog)
  11. Dust bedroom;
  12. Put away dishes;
  13. Do dishes;
  14. Do a few loads of laundry;
  15. Work out (try new?)
  16. Watch movie (Casablanca) while crocheting;
  17. Take it easy!!!


How are you taking care of yourself today? I would love if you would share in the comments!

Love. C.