Not blogging much

Dear readers/friends,

Today is not my day. I have been sick since yesterday, with a huge crisis of gastritis and a larger than life headache. I’m not sure if they are related or not, but I’m in pain, so don’t expect a regular post for me today. It’s weird for me because I post every day. That’s what I do. Sometimes even more than once. But today, I need to rest and eat plain rice. I’m sorry for not being here for you today and, if I miss any important post or something important from you, I’ll update myself tomorrow.

I thought about taking advantage of this to ask for questions for a Q&A. I’ve been watching other bloggers do it for years and I would love to do one. Do I have enough people for that? Well, if half of my readers comes up with a question I will have 250+. That would be awesome.

So, ask me a question. Anything. You know I’m an open book and have no secrets for you so… ask away!! I would love to answer.

See you soon.



81 thoughts on “Not blogging much

  1. I have some questions for your Q & A!

    *What/who inspires you to blog?
    *What’s your favourite food?
    *How many countries have you been to?
    *What’s your favourite season?

    I hope you feel better soon Cheila!! 🙂 ❤ xx

    Aqsa ❤

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  2. Aw, get better soon!! ❤
    Hmmm . . . questions, questions, what to ask . . . hmm . . . lol
    What do you consider to be your best talent?
    Do you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
    What is your favorite time of the year?

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  3. I hope you feel better soon! Here’s my questions:
    Do you prefer iPhone or Samsung?
    McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King?
    What are your opinions on a controversial man…Trump?
    And lastly, if you could pick one junk food to eat forever and one healthy food to eat forever, what would it be?

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  4. Get well soon!🌸

    For Q&A:
    What is your favorite quote and why?

    If tomorrow you woke up rich, what would be the first thing you do or buy?

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  5. Sorry you’re feeling so rough – Rest up, step away from the blog and any chores, and focus on yourself. I’ll add a question or two for a future Q&A post…

    * What is something strange or unusual you used to do as a child? I have a few of these, such as when I used to sit in front of this old fireplace with metal bars across the front of it and hold a Mars bar out to melt it (getting chocolate all over the metal). Always tasted better melted!

    * Would you rather live in a big city with bright lights, lots of energy and action, or a quiet countryside with rolling green fields?

    * What would you sing at a karaoke night?

    Rest up and I hope you’re feeling a little better soon!
    Caz x

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