Dear readers/friends,

Today is not my day. I have been sick since yesterday, with a huge crisis of gastritis and a larger than life headache. I’m not sure if they are related or not, but I’m in pain, so don’t expect a regular post for me today. It’s weird for me because I post every day. That’s what I do. Sometimes even more than once. But today, I need to rest and eat plain rice. I’m sorry for not being here for you today and, if I miss any important post or something important from you, I’ll update myself tomorrow.

I thought about taking advantage of this to ask for questions for a Q&A. I’ve been watching other bloggers do it for years and I would love to do one. Do I have enough people for that? Well, if half of my readers comes up with a question I will have 250+. That would be awesome.

So, ask me a question. Anything. You know I’m an open book and have no secrets for you so… ask away!! I would love to answer.

See you soon.