I worked out!

It’s 6.48 a.m here in Portugal and I have already done a yoga video! Yes, I’m surprised as well, but happy. No, I didn’t wake up to work out, I couldn’t sleep all night so I got up at sixish and decided to do some yoga workout. I’ll link the video down below, if you want to join me! See this as an inspirational post. If I can work out, you can definitely do it!

Easy Yoga for Beginners

I’m going to blog a little, eat something, shower and get ready for work. See you soon.

Have a good day.




56 thoughts on “I worked out!

  1. Good for you! Yoga is so nice and relaxing but also super good for you. I didn’t even workout this morning and I had been planning to all week. Go you!

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  2. Nice! Well done. 🙂 I’ve been wondering about yoga lately since I hear it is so calming and I have terrible and relentless anxiety, but I just worry that my attention span would fail me and I’d get bored and wander off. Most workouts I do have to be full of movement and constantly switching things up to keep my attention. My attention span is terrible sometimes. lol

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  3. Oh it would be so hard for me to first, get up THAT early (although I’d really love to learn how to do it because mornings are so beautiful) and second, never got into yoga, I guess breathing isn’t my thing ;/ And it’s night just now, but with wish you ‘Good morning’ as I’m pretty sure you will see my message then 🙂

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