First of all, am I too sleepy or they have changed the position of the thingies when you go write a post?? Change makes me nervous. Whatever…

Today was a great day!!

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night, which is not good, I know, but I managed to get out of bed and live.

I got up at 6 and did a yoga video! I loved it, it felt amazing. It felt so good I even wrote a post about it. It’s not something I would normally do, so I say I feel better than normal today. I worked out! Me… If  you guys know me… Come on… I worked out… at 6 a.m! I just hope one of my friends comes and comments asking if I’m sick or something because this is not something I would normally do.

Okay, enough about the workout. I’m the typical fatty who works out once and won’t shut up about it. Thank God that’s not the only thing I did today.

After the workout, I drank some coffee. Picked up some dry laundry from the clothesline and took care of another load. It should be dry by the time I get home. I fed the dog and let her out, something that my boyfriend usually does. I blogged and answered comments and read some posts. I took a shower BEFORE my boyfriend, which hasn’t happened in 4 years. Poor thing is usually in the shower, plotting on how to get me out of bed without using violence. I washed and dried my hair, got dressed, put on makeup and was ready way before Mr. R. So unusual. I got to work early, and ready to start my day. I taught 6 hours of class, 3 of them to two new students. I had a meeting, another new student. I’m currently waiting to have another meeting with another new student. I’m unstoppable today, people!!

What else did I do?

I read many posts from my dear bloggers that I follow;

I sent a few emails;

I talked to students about schedules and got to an agreement;

I scheduled my therapist appointment for March 24;

I cleaned my office floor;

I made some money;

I started scheduling for next week;

….. I forgot to eat lunch.

Well, nobody is perfect.

Now I just want to get home, wear something comfy, eat some nice dinner with my love and my other furry love and watch This is Us. 

Happy Friday, my dear friends!