Better than normal!

First of all, am I too sleepy or they have changed the position of the thingies when you go write a post?? Change makes me nervous. Whatever…

Today was a great day!!

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night, which is not good, I know, but I managed to get out of bed and live.

I got up at 6 and did a yoga video! I loved it, it felt amazing. It felt so good I even wrote a post about it. It’s not something I would normally do, so I say I feel better than normal today. I worked out! Me… If  you guys know me… Come on… I worked out… at 6 a.m! I just hope one of my friends comes and comments asking if I’m sick or something because this is not something I would normally do.

Okay, enough about the workout. I’m the typical fatty who works out once and won’t shut up about it. Thank God that’s not the only thing I did today.

After the workout, I drank some coffee. Picked up some dry laundry from the clothesline and took care of another load. It should be dry by the time I get home. I fed the dog and let her out, something that my boyfriend usually does. I blogged and answered comments and read some posts. I took a shower BEFORE my boyfriend, which hasn’t happened in 4 years. Poor thing is usually in the shower, plotting on how to get me out of bed without using violence. I washed and dried my hair, got dressed, put on makeup and was ready way before Mr. R. So unusual. I got to work early, and ready to start my day. I taught 6 hours of class, 3 of them to two new students. I had a meeting, another new student. I’m currently waiting to have another meeting with another new student. I’m unstoppable today, people!!

What else did I do?

I read many posts from my dear bloggers that I follow;

I sent a few emails;

I talked to students about schedules and got to an agreement;

I scheduled my therapist appointment for March 24;

I cleaned my office floor;

I made some money;

I started scheduling for next week;

….. I forgot to eat lunch.

Well, nobody is perfect.

Now I just want to get home, wear something comfy, eat some nice dinner with my love and my other furry love and watch This is Us. 

Happy Friday, my dear friends!


46 thoughts on “Better than normal!

  1. The change also making me nervous…especially the location of the trash just at the tip of the scroll down…what if by mistake I press that…besides that they added a couple of new buttons under Status…I’m still figuring what are their functionality…

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  2. Work out, huh? Maybe you’re not the Cheila who failed sports class around 6 years ago!
    I’m very glad you could have such a productive day! Just don’t forget to eat.
    Love for you

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  3. Love it! Sounds like a very productive day indeed!
    How did you find the Yoga? It’s been something I’ve wanted to try for some time now but just haven’t gotten round to it 🙈 x
    Happy Friday by the way! 🌟 x

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  4. I’m glad you had such an awesome day, Chelia! Mine wasn’t half as productive as yours (lol), but I did work on some different crafts I’ve been wanting to begin for months (maybe years), so that was pretty cool. Glad you enjoyed the yoga; I do love it, but my sensitive hips don’t, so I can never get into it.

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    • Getting into something you’ve been meaning to do for years is one of the most productive thinks you can do, in my opinion. So you do win because you finally got to it 🙂 So what can you do instead? Swimming? It’s low impact

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      • That’s true 🙂 Well, I would enjoy swimming (I’m sure that it would be good for me), but there isn’t a pool near me that I can go to. Once there is, I’d love to swim!

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          • No, in all of my travels across the states, I haven’t spotted very many pools. lol jk We don’t have community pools here – everything costs money, and since we don’t have gym memberships or go to rec centers, it wouldn’t work.

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  5. So they changed it…here i was in the process of writing a very uncanny email to my service provider. you have just saved someone their job.
    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think…I am fairly new and the input of veterans like yourself will really go a long way to helping me be a better writer.
    I love your posts!!!

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