Today was nothing like I had planned, since I had a huge insomnia crisis and couldn’t sleep a wink. So this morning I was completely… well… for lack of a better word… high on sleeping medication and high on lack of sleep. Not a good combination. I stayed in bed all morning, trying to get some sleep, but it didn’t come. So I woke up and I blogged! I follow a lot of people and I love to be present so I read many blog posts, after writing my post about Women’s Day. Other than spending the day reading and liking and commenting on posts, I also found out I’m nominated for 6 Awards/Tags, which I plan on posting on the next few days!

Once again, someone nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award and I can’t remember who did it. This is the second time this happens with this Award. If you nominated me, can you please let me know?

I also did a lot of laundry, because it was sunny and a good day for that. We were weeks behind so this is a good thing. Rui took me to the beach to watch the sunset and it was amazing. We came home and I cooked a very easy pasta dish, that will last until Friday.

Tomorrow I have a first class with a new student in the morning and my monthly psychiatrist’s appointment in the afternoon. I need to tell her about my sleeping problems that won’t go away. They’re affecting me a lot.

Now, I’m sitting here contemplating calling it an early night or just go to bed and read something. Mr. R is watching football so we cannot interact much lol. I’ll just let him be and not beg him for a back massage.

See you tomorrow guys, sorry about the random post.

A million hugs for everyone.