What’s going on and what next week will look like

Here am I, Sunday night, sitting on the floor, with my back on the couch, very close to my space heater and a sleeping dog, always with a cup of coffee with milk and a notebook.

Today was a good day and I can’t complain about yesterday either: We went out for breakfast, did some grocery shopping (I bought two nice, cheap pots for the plants I bought last week), although we don’t need much this week. We still have a lot of food left from last week and I’m looking to clean the pantry and fridge. Maybe we will need to buy some milk and bread and fruits and veggies during the week, but that’s about it. We cleaned some stuff around the house (I crossed something of my big to-do list, I washed my blankets and Duvets and pillows) and organized little things. Then we ate dinner and started watching Breaking Bad. My boyfriend loves it and I’ve been meaning to watch it for many years, so now is the time. Oh, I totally forgot. Yesterday I also went to the library to take some long overdue books (another thing crossed of my to-do list) and brought a few home with me. I brought the first Harry Potter because I promise one of my dear readers, best blogging friends and one of my favorite bloggersΒ Shweta SureshΒ that I would read it, as I never have. You can expect to read about my reactions to the book. I’m going to start it this week.

Then today I had two of my best friends over for some tea, cake (that didn’t turn out well at all) and cookies which extended to dinner, which was amazing because I missed them so much and we got to chat and have fun and catch up. I’m sorry my two other best friends couldn’t come, but it was fun anyway.

What will next week look like?

I’m slowly going back to work and school, so tomorrow will be a planning day. I need to get in touch with a few students who haven’t said anything about the schedule changes. I need their decisions and to work on my new schedule and new arrangements. I need to tell people who I will be back this week, after missing Thursday and Friday.

I feel much better now and I think I can handle work this week. I also need to get updated on some of the school work so I can know what we’ve been doing in all the classes and catch up on my readings and general work.

I should also clean my office, because it needs a really deep clean.

I have a psychiatrist’s appointment on the 9th, so that’s also something important to take into account.

I need to answer some people who have been asking about English classes and see if I can fit them into my schedule.

I might try to tackle some of the things from my “getting my shit together list”, some light stuff. I really need to finish my friend’s book and give her my feedback.

We have some food made (spinach soup and some rice with veggies and tuna) that will last for a few meals, maybe until the middle of the week, which is nice. The house is clean and the laundry is not so cry, we just have 2 or 3 loads to do (it has been raining) and two to dry, probably tomorrow.

So, this will be my week. Slowly trying to get back to work, taking care of little things and doing some errands.

What are your plans for this week? Just the usual, daily stuff or something special?



28 thoughts on “What’s going on and what next week will look like

  1. Can I honestly say I’m so impressed? Like the fact that you have everything organized and know what you need to do, and it’s so cool that you’re doing this! The fact that you have all of this together has inspired me to at least make an effort to organize everything do I don’t break down from all of the stress πŸ˜„

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  2. Firstly, thanks for the shout-out. ❀😊 I’m so happy that you have organized your work! I’m so happy that you finally decided to go ahead and pick up the book from the library. Like I said before, can’t wait for that post! Hope you have a great week ahead of you. (It’s Monday here.) 😘😊

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  3. Very glad to hear things are looking up. πŸ™‚
    This week’s plans are pretty much the usual. I want to get back into doing cardio and kick boxing more regularly so I’ll try to squeeze that in, and I’m on that 30 writing spree, but otherwise it is pretty much just the usual. Hope you have a great week! ❀

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  4. You were so productive this weekend, I’m impressed. I didn’t do anything except make a menu and grocery list! Well, I did sort a bunch of fabric and plan a small quilt for my mom, which I’m going to start working on this week.

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  5. That’s a lovely organized list, I think I should start making one of these! My week just consists of school and homework I’m afraid!

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