Little thoughts and updates #2

  • I created a Facebook page for my blog, joined a few groups and all. The trouble is, I don’t really understand Facebook. Never did. So I’m a bit overwhelmed, but trying to learn. I even create a group “Bloggers who love pink”, the only member being myself, so far.
  • We are still sleeping on the couch because it’s raining cats and dogs and stones (literally) and so we can’t wash and dry our covers and blankets and the whole thing. I think we should get everything and just go to the damn wash station tonight.
  • I think we are taking Rosa to the vet tomorrow, which is a real drama. She is sassy and thinks she’s a bad-ass dog, so it’s always… fun.
  • My friend Rita (the one who broke her collarbone is feeling better and was allowed to get back to work. Yes!).
  • I still haven’t finished reading my friend’s book, I’m a shitty friend. But then again, she has not answered the questions I asked her so I could do a blog post on her. I guess we’re even. Bitch doesn’t want to be famous. My 250 followers would love her.
  • Yesterday my mother called me four times and I was unable to pick up, so she called Mr. R, yelling, thinking I was dead or something. I love how every woman in my family is so mentally stable.
  • I have two Award posts to do and I’m pretty sure there was another nomination but I forgot who nominated me and which award it was. If you nominated me, please say something because I’m completely senile.
  • My pills leave such a bad taste in my mouth and make it so dry.
  • I want to get two girl Guinea Pigs. It’s decided. On my part. Mr. R is against the whole situation. I tried showing him videos of cute Guinea Pigs on YouTube but he has a stone where his heart should be.
  • I want to do a day in the life post, would you guys like that?
  • I want to interview Mr. R for the blog, so you guys can get to know him better. Yesterday I asked if I could and he answered “does it have to be now?”. Bastard doesn’t want to be famous. My 250 followers would love him.
  • I would love if you guys asked me some questions so I would do a Q&A post and feel like a true blogger. You know you can ask me anything.
  • I want Bloglovin followers. But I don’t think anyone can see the “follow me on Bloglovin” button because it’s on the bottom of the page.
  • My little sister was let go from her “famous lingerie store whose name has a lot of i’s”. Poor thing. Now she’s looking for a new job.
  • Has anyone tried the Oreo mousse?
  • I hated the Roanoke season of American Horror Story.
  • Well.. This is what I have. xo

37 thoughts on “Little thoughts and updates #2

  1. I completely understand your Facebook conundrum! I’ve never had Facebook until I recently made a page for my blog. Kinda feels like stumbling in the dark.

    I also agree that the last season of AHS wasn’t very good. I’d say it’s due to the absence of Jessica Lange (love her!), but I didn’t absolutely love the season with the carnival/circus.

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  2. On the guide dog training, they told us to sometimes go to the vet just to go inside, say hi and come out again, so the dog didn’t think it was going to be some big drama. Usually they only go there when something is wrong or when something painful will happen, so the dog builds up a bad association with the vet. I know that won’t help for tomorrow, but maybe it will in the future. Why does Rosa need to go?

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  3. I want to try that oreo mousse so bad, but sadly am on a big health kick right now so I can’t. *pouts!* One day, though!
    Yeah, Roanoke was an awful season. I was really disappointed. A lot of people seem to have been. I have yet to talk to someone who actually liked it. Here’s hoping next season will return to its normal level of awesomeness! 😛
    What has been your favorite AHS season so far? It’s so hard to choose!
    Guinea pigs are sooo cute!! ^_^ I’ve had a few and they’ve all been such sweeties. ❤
    Good luck with Rosa at the vet tomorrow. lol The sassy pug I had growing up used to act all tough around the big dogs at the vet and it was like, "What are you doing?? That dog could eat you!" lol

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  4. I hav a face book also and have a horrid time getting around in it. I have three guinea pigs, two girls and a boy. They are all babies an din separate cages. I thought I was buying two sister piggies and ended up getting sister and brother. The third is a little girl who was abused and abandoned and who is starting to trust me.
    Nice to meet you and I am Ruth and have just rejoined Word press after a time away from it.

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    • Hey Ruth!! I’m so thankful that you introduced yourself. I love meeting new people!!! I want some Guinea Pigs but my partner thinks they will be too much of a trouble to have here


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